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Before you continue....

This area of the website has been requested by many members who wished to view more about the final days of Butlins and buildings. With this in mind, I would like to offer a word of caution before you continue any further. The videos or photos shown on the next page might cause upset as they might contain one or two of the following.

1. The videos/photos might show the camps being demolished,

2. The videos/photos might show you a building or chalet that was prepared to be demolished.

3. The videos/photos might show an entertainment building that is no more and being demolished.

I have this message here to advise you to think before clicking any further and to only proceed if you are OK with seeing this time of the former Butlins sites. If you do not wish to see your camp in this way, please do not continue any further.

If you wish to process further, you agree to this condition: The following pages are to not be shared on groups with out strict permission from the admin teams of that groups. These pages are to not be shared on the Butlins Memorabilia website group at any stage.