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Here is what I have uploaded from my collection of postcards so far. This menu will remain in place through out to make it easier for you to see what helps spark that memory. 

How to use this: You simply click on the one you want to see, it will then load that game below for you to view.

Last update of this time is: 21/06/2021 Version: 1.0 3

The Butlin's Monopoly Board
I was told that this was given to staff to celebrate Butlin's success over the many years. It eventually made it's way to me and here it came.
When I purchased this item, it was already open with only the cash still sealed. I scanned all the items within to show you what this gem looks like.
Please enjoy

Stunning board

When I opened the box slowly (I did not want to break anything), I was taken back at the details shown on this board. Just looking at it now makes you think "wow, what a fantastic item".
It's certainly one of a kind and has that amazing logo in the corner. The locations on the board show several areas of Butlin's history.

Starting from go, we make our way to Bognor Regis Butlins. The photo showing the standard accommondation is great followed by Jaks.  I believe the team incentive is to see if you can get the customer from accommondation to Jaks.  The fine of system recharge, I will leave to you to think about. 

A famous club called the Pig & Whistle is featured with a postcard (I have that postcard in my collection). The Roadmap I will show later on in this page. Coral Beach is for the dining room, half board booking. Finally we finish with the Reds club for entertainment. 

As we continue around the board, we see the Toy Box, a shop that sells you extra fun items. The Skyline Pavilion is next in link followed by Hotshots, where you get to have a great game of bowling. After all that work, it's off to have a pint in Bar Russo. Hemel Hempstead is the head office of Butlins.

Nearly halfway around the board and we see the Yacht Club, which is the premier dining room for half board. Now we are on to the hot stuff as the gold accommodation is next on the list. Finally, we have a very special and important building being represented and that's the Gaiety Theatre.

After all that walking around the board, it's time to have a Coffee at Soho Coffee. As it's next to the free parking, let's say its a drive-through. Fast-forwarding into 2019, we see the Seaside Villiage, updated accommodation. Lastly, we need some food so we go to the Deck for our premium dining. Of course, the next train station is Minehead, West Somerset Railway of course :) 

We are nearly there as we hop into the Shoreline Hotel in Bognor (next to Minehead station...umm?). This is closely followed by a bit of entertainment in Centre Stage. The next day, we need to have a swim, just by luck Splash Waterworld is next. After that long swim and fun, we head off to the Firehouse for some great food!

If you been good enough to not be captured by the security staff, we go for and do what I love the most, Butlins Memorabilia! in the Butlin's store, brilliant I am in the zone! Of course, I am hungry again and need to get to the Diner for some food. Once all is done and I have bored my children with my collection, it's time for the number place that Sir Billy Butlin had made sure was in each of his camps...Sir Billy's Fairground.

Our adventure has nearly come to an end. Skegness train station is the last train for us as we hop over to another Bognor Regis hotel (Maybe I have been using the wrong stations?) Health and Safety have always been on top of the list as we go to the new builds at Minehead Butlins, the West Lake Chalet Village for the most marvelous views. 

Team Incentive

List of cards shown here in the first batch.

* Go to jail, directly to jail card (I always get this)

* Bourne forum at your resort, collect M25

* It's the Sun promotion collect M10 for all players.

* Resorts safety sell off lost property, collect M100

* You spot your resort director walking past some litter, collect M50.

* You have wond second prize in the retail incentive, collect M10

*The chancellor announces the living wage increase, M40 per chalet, M115 per hotel.

* Advance to go :)

* Retro calculation in your favour, collect M200

2nd batch of Team incentive cards

* Expenses not approved, pay M100

* Goal achieved, collect M20

* Hot summer party clean up, pay M50

* Team member of the month award, recieve M100

You get a last minute conference booking, collect M100. 

* No car parking space available, pay M50

Road Map Cards

* Property team assess - fine M25 per chalet and M100 per hotel.

* Advance to go :)

* Advance to the nearst utility. 

* You become a premier club gold member (I am one), collect M50 and a bottle of Chalvet.

* Go to jail (you got caught by secuirty)

* Advance to the Deck (hunry times).

* Linda Wilson gives you A+ for your way of leading homework, collect M150

* Take a trip to Bognor Regis

* Advnace to West Lakes Chalet village.

2nd batch of Road map cards.

* Advance to the nearest Butlin's Resort x2

* Get out jail free card

* You can not log onto wifi, go back three spaces.

* You go on a navigators trip to Disney Collect M50

* You are sent to Skegness on a course. Pay speeding fine M15

Left: Gold Accommodation
Middle: The Yacht Club
Right: Gaiety Theatre

Left: Sir Billy's Fairground
Middle:  The Diner
Right:  Butlin's The Store

Left: Shoreline Hotel
Middle: Firehouse
Right:Centre Stage

Left: Soho Coffee
Middle: The Deck
Right: Seaside Village

Left: Toybox
Middle:  Hot Shots
Right:  Bar Rosso

Left: Coral Beach
Middle: Reds
Right:Pig & Whislte

Left: Wave Hotel 
Right: West Lakes Chalet Village.

Left: Jaks
Right:  Standard Accommodation

Left: Splash Waterworld
Right: Skyline Pavilion

Top Left: Bognor Regis
Top right: Hemel Hempstead
Bottom left: Minehead
Bottomr right: Skegness

How to set it up 

Still sealed

The notes have the Butlin's logo on each one. 

The side of the box

Just showing you the design of the box.

These all remain sealed

The rear of the box

I need to take a better photo but here is the rear of the box.