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2016 Butlin's Minehead

Showing you my family personal holiday to Butlin's Minehead. I have supplied some further information about that photo and my memory of that area. All you need to do is click on the Red writing and it will show you additional details. You can do a test here if you wish to show you how it works, I AM TEST LINK :) 
The idea of this photo was to show you the side of the former Oasis swimming pool. Today, we see the Oasis converted into the current Splash pool, which remains in place up to 2022. 
Show the side of the Splash pool and the small children's outside swimming pool. This was formerly a boating lake. 
This photo has two meanings, one being the traditional funfair and also the windows of the former swimming pool, Sunsplash. At this stage, it remained in place and has been unused since 1999. 
If you was to travel back in time to around 1990, you have been standing inside the lake at the front, which is now only around a 1/3 of the size. The monorail train would of been travelling along this route into the outside swimming pool, which is where the pavilion is here today.

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The history of funfair is very strong with the Butlin family. Today, it continues in Butlin's with the current funfair. 
Showing you the go-karts and blue skies building. At one stage, you would of seen the iconic fountain and lake. 
Historic location that has not changed a great deal over the years.
The entrance of the the Mall, a very well known pathway that takes the campers/customers to the main entertainment area of Butlin's Minehead.

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The Mall of Butlin's Minehead, entrance from the pavilion area.

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The has been some major changes made in this location. If you was to time travel back in time, you would see the monorail train and outside swimming pool. 

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The Pavilion stage of Butlins Minehead, at the former location of an outside swimming pool, that I had enjoyed a great deal. This stage has seen many shows including a silent movie. 

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The Diner, taking the name from the Family Diner that was opposite with this location with the theme of Dino's....well that is how I see it as the connection is very strong  t o these former locations.

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See what this looked like during the Holiday Worlds era

The former location of the Funfair of Butlins

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