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2012 Butlin's Former Crazy Horse Saloon and Sunsplash

Showing you my family personal holiday to Butlin's Minehead. I have supplied some further information about that photo and my memory of that area. All you need to do is click on the Red writing and it will show you additional details. You can do a test here if you wish to show you how it works, I AM TEST LINK :) 

Crazy Horse Saloon

A view of the entrance of the Crazy Horse Saloon club, my favorite club of them all

The new entrance did not have that appeal to me at this stage as I always remember the logo above this.

A small shop for the customers in the club... oh the memories

Through the Crazy Horse Saloon, then through these doors to the right-hand side...that was the pathway to the Funfair. Today, most of this is now the Diner. If you look ahead of you, this would have been the second exit leading you to the reception area. There used to be lots of tables and chairs on the left at one stage also, had chats with many friends that I met at Butlins in that location.
Interesting to see that the old chairs remained in place and could tell a story of joy and fun when the club was in full operation. The doors at the end here are the former shop that ran around the back of the club at the time. 

These lights were installed for the western theme and in recognition from the history of Butlins.

Here is a small video showing you the Crazy Horse Saloon in 2012

Sunsplash Swimming Pool

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