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Memories frozen in time with Postcards

Each postcard within my collection has a special place as they hold three areas of interest. The first part is the stamp as this shows you who was the royalty when this holiday camp or area was operating. The stamp also has a postal stamp, showing the important year information. The second area, which is very important, is the memory of the customer at this time in Butlins. This holds key information of the feeling of Butlins during this year with how they feel about their holiday

The postcard also holds the most important part, a real life photo of Butlins. This is a time that is frozen for us to enjoy for many years. They also allow us to see a time that is no longer, such as closures of camps. Just a small note, all postcards have the details of the publisher on them. This is helpful for other collectors and respects the publishers work. When you click on the postcard, it will enlarge showing only a watermark on it.

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Memories from people who visited Butlins

Here is what I have uploaded from my collection of postcards so far. This menu will remain in place through out to make it easier for you to see what helps spark that memory. 

How to use this: You simply click on the one you want to see, it will then load the postcards below for you to view.

Last update of this time is: 29/05/2021 Version: 1.0  2

If you would like to see why there is watermarks on the postcards, please click here, this message will be removed once you choose an option from the menu above, please enjoy my collection.