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The Restoring of the Monorail Train

Bourne Leisure Limited are well known for celebrating Butlin's history as they continue to show these on the last three remaining resorts. Rundle was approached to help brink back an iconic ride back so many other people can see its beauty once more. Below is the photos of this restoring as Rundle gave permission to this website to show their wonderful work. 
Small print: Permission was given to me by Rundle, to supply the photos and information shown below. All photos are copyright to Rundle and can be removed at any time. These are on show to give you another view of Butlin's history from a customers/staffs view and are not from my collection. Please do not request copies or contact details of this person as it's not mine to share.

The Iconic Monorail Train in the Safe Hands of Rundle 

Amazing company that was hired to help restore an icon back to how it used to be. Of course, we are talking about the Monorail and a brilliant job they had done. Rundle has given me full permission to show their work and see the progression of an icon bounce back to how it use to be.

All photos are copyright to Rundle and if you wish to see more about their services, please click on their icon on the left. From me to Rundle, thank you very much indeed for all doing this excellent work. Thank you to  Paul Hibbert for sending me the details about this restore! 

Rundle comments

 "Not only do we stock a massive range of amusement park spares for the fairground and Amusement Park industry, ready for next day delivery, Rundles are renowned for their engineering and refurbishment skills. From a Tea Cup ride to a Roller Coaster we are U.K. specialists in refurbishing and rebuilding rides, all within an acceptable time frame."

The Monorail was showing it's age.

The monorail train is an icon and has been missing from Butlins since the end of 1998. Here we have the drivers end where it needs a great deal of TLC. Lucky for us all, there are experts who were on the case and made sure it was going to be restored back.


You can see the connections at the rear that would have pulled the carriages along with many customers looking around the camps. The Monorail train at this stage is in a very bad state and a lot is needed to be done.

Rundel had a challenge on their hands.


Working hard on one goal...

As you can see here, the monorail train was in a very poor state and was showing not only age but a high level of damage. This must of been a challenge to restore and shocking to those who have a connection to the monorail train. As an important icon of the Butlin's name and to Sir Billy Butlin,  Rundel was going to make sure that this project was going to be done well. 

Rundle comments

"Here we have the task of refurbishing the monorail car for Butlins. This arrived to us in need of a lot of TLC and as you can see from the pictures we certainly had our work cut out."

The TLC had started

The restoring of the Monorail train had started as they sand down areas, fill in holes, and put the base coat on the train. As Rundle started to work on the icon, you can see that the train is coming back to how it was.


Amazing Work

The amount of work and detail is amazing as we see the front of the train change to a view that we all loved. At this stage, Rundles have done a fantastic job as they continued to restore this train.


Rundle Comments

"Its all in the preparation, hard at work to get the finish we require for spraying. All the damaged fibreglass has been replaced and rubbed down and filled. A base coat of paint is then added before the final filling and rubbing down takes place"



It was very run down, looking like it needed a great deal of TLC however, Rundle has given this a new life making it look new and fresh.


Looking New

The rear is looking like it's just been made and ready for its job of entertaining many guests around the camps


Showing Off

The Monorail train at this stage is showing it's true beauty and looks wonderful, what a big change it has had.


Challenge completed as the Monorail train returns

Rundel continued to make good on their promise to restore this very important ride back to its former glory. Having fixed all the holes and repaired the damage, they had sanded down the unit and gave it a coat of paint.

It's at this stage that you forget it was in a rough way when it arrived, this transformation is remarkable. Rundel are amazing to transform this wonderful train from sad looking to a new fresh feel. 

The next stage...

Rundle is all about detail as they continued with the restoring of the Monorail train. Now their attention was focused on the inside of the train and details were on their list. There was no cutting corners with Rundel.


Rundle's Comments

New flooring and steps made and fitted plus new seating painted and fitted. A nice bench seat at the front for the wannabe drivers. All that's left to do now is the branding decor.



The attention to detail is amazing as we see the seating in place, matching the one I remember in Somerwest World


The Drivers

Rundle put this in place for anyone to see from the driver's view. Also look at that flooring, looking great.


Them added touches

Still missing a large part, the small details were in place and the monorail was looking like it was all them years ago.


Restore is completed

Just amazing to see and witness an important ride come back to life once again. All we need now is to see this on the tracks, which is out of Rundel control. It's breath taking to see such an icon come back to life and help so many people smile once again. 


Very impressive work.


Proud to have the logo on it's body once again

The train is back to life and restored to full health as it proudly shows off the logo that we all love, "Butlins"



I believe that says it all and it's all because of that company shown on the van in the background who made it possible.


A message from me to Rundle:

"Thank you for allowing me to show your work on this website and from the deep within my heart, I am thankful for such an excellent job that you had done in restoring this gem. The Monorail train is more than a restoration, it's an icon of Butlin's that my hero and the found of Butlins brought to the United Kingdom. Here is a unit that you restored that Sir Billy Butlin would have been pleased to see have his name on once again. Each and every one of you is fantastic and from this website...Thank you very much"

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