Removal on site

The following part of the menu has been deleted from the website “Facebook Knowledge Maps”. This was not updated and there was little interest in this area. Removal is in process and another form will appear on the site.

New Menu

With the introductions of the stories of our Butlins, the menu has been upgraded to v2.4. What is new? New area of the website has been introduced named: Our Stories – This the view of both staff and customers, about their stories.

Planned changes

There are 404 error pages on “Shared Memories”. This is due to a planned change and should be fixed by 18/01/21 at 14:00 Due to connection issue, this has been extended to 14:30 Sorry for the issue caused trying to access this area. 404 error means missing pages.

Wrong Descriptions on photos of 2012

Thanks to Kaine spotting two errors, I have made the following changes. Cinema building cafe: The description had shown that there was a logo within the wood, this was not case and was infact describing the Crazy Horse Saloon. I have now changed this into the description of the cafe. – Progress of fix: completed. …

Error found: Minehead pages

The description on the personal photos are showing Postcards and should say “Personal Photos” – progress on a fix? Completed on next upload, nonessential fix. Link: Butlins Minehead Home Page – Memorabilia and Memories ( The bottom of the page showing 2010 Butlins Minehead photos is showing a link button with the description “click here …