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All Inclusive Drinks Package

Trying to explain more about them passes and packages to help you out.
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All Inclusive Drinks Package

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All Inclusive Drinks Package

There are a lot of people who ask, is the drink pack right for me? Well, to answer that question you have to think differently because confusion sets in. I will try to explain this and see if it helps. To understand if it works, you need to ask yourself the question "What would I do if I had something that allowed me to get the drink I want without having to pay for it" instead of "With what I am paying for now, how many times should I get a drink?"

To answer this question, take a look at the food dining options at Butlins, which are a help-yourself option (Food Court and Premium) with lots of choices including dessert. You simply go up and take what you want as many times as you need until the moment your stomach says "Enough!". Now ask yourself, if you were to go to a place where you had this option but had to pay every time you went up, would it be the same? The answer should be no, as you think about the money it will cost you and that one trip is all you need.

My point is that if you know you can help yourself to the selection, your mind relaxes because you get more than you would if you had to pay every time. The same goes for the drinks pack, if you knew that the 'pint' was free every time you got it, would you drink a little bit more? . Spending money restricts and controls what you can have but having this prepaid, moves that restriction.

I hope this makes sense and if not .... well I tried!

What you need to know

Butlins introduced this package in 2024 with a selection of drinks on the menu that can be purchased using the wristband without the need to pay. On the official website,, they quote the below about the package.
The best thing about Butlin’s? There’s so much included in the price! We already go out of our way to make sure your break is packed with free entertainment and activities (that’s just how we roll), but now we’re going one better with our brand-new All Inclusive Drinks Package. Forget those ‘Can I have another…?’ moments, this package means your drinks are pre-paid and hassle-free! Show your wristband, then sip back and relax without reaching for your wallet. From just £25 per adult, per day, you can fill your boots with soft drinks, spirits, wines, draught beers and ciders, and a never-ending stream of Costa Coffee.
Is this a good deal for me?

This package might not be the one for you and working it all out is quite easy to do, here is what we do to work out if this deal is correct for us.

Based on my family that is going, two adults and two teenagers

Using the B Serve App (the official app showing prices on-site up to date and where to order to the table), I did a calculation as to what we could use this package for and how it would benefit us.

The cost of the package for our family is £320, I calculate this in accordance with the party size and not how Butlins has, which is children at one price and adults at another, it's easier for me this way. £320 divided by the four days is £80 each day. Divided this by the four that are going and it works out to £20 a day. That means that we need to spend £20 each on drinks a day to make this package work for us and save money.

Day Time (in accordance with the prices on the B Serve app on the 4th of June 2024)

DrinkCost EachDay Time Adult 1Day time Adult 2Day time Teenager 1Day time Teenager 2
Costa Coffee Latte£3.504 up to dinnerNoneNoneNone
Hot Choclate£3.60None1 up to lunch time2 up to lunch timeNone
Cup of Tea£2.65None2 up to lunch timeNone2 up to lunch time
Pint of Carling£5.10None2 up to lunch timeNoneNone
Coke£3.55NoneNone4 up to dinner time3 up to dinner time
Lemonade£3.30NoneNoneNone1 up to dinner time
Total Spent ------- £14 £19.10 £14.30 £ 19.25
Total saved on this day would be: £66.65

Now we would not spend this without the wristband but knowing we have it, the restrictions are removed the options open up to us. This is not 100% certain but gives you a rough guide as it could go up as well as down.

Night Time (in accordance with the prices on the B Serve app on the 4th of June 2024)

DrinkCost EachNight Time Adult 1Night time Adult 2Night time Teenager 1Night time Teenager 2
Strawberry Woowoo£7.50None2NoneNone
Pint of Carling£5.10None3NoneNone
Coke£3.552None5 at least4 at least
Total Spent ------- £7.10 £30.30 £17.75 £ 14.20
Total saved on this day would be: £69.35

By using this wristband, I have just saved £136.00 for that one day, meaning that we saved £14 each for the day (£56)

Now I know you are thinking... well, would you drink that much? It is quite possible not to and at the same time it is possible to. It all depends on the day, but the point above is that I can get over the £80 mark every day. For our family, this extra pass benefits us more and allows our holiday to be that little bit better and more fun. We like to play UNO and poker at the Inn on the Green and have a good drink, now we know we can drink and not worry.

Check for yourself

Do your workout and base it on what you would spend if you had a wristband but at the same time if you are not a heavy drinker, be honest and think if this is the best option for you It does not have to be alcohol as you can see above there are zero drinks and full sugar drinks (cola and Dr Pepper and so on...) available to use. The list also includes "Low" or "No" alcohol drink options.

Here is a list of what to do...

1. Check the locations this wristband can be used in Butlins: ... ks-package.

2. Now check to see what drinks are included to see if they match the ones you like or prefer (this will download a PDF option from Butlins Website, official guide to the options): https://prod.butlins-prod.magnolia-plat ... 20%203.pdf

3. Now download the B Serve app from Butlins to review their prices and then work it all out to see what you think. Remember, this deal is for the day and not just nights!
This was done by me, Mark to show you how I work it all out and not to be used as an official guide. Butlins has NOT asked me to do this and has no connection at all with what is shown on this page. Always check for the latest information.

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