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Butlins Clacton Entertainment Guides

Here are my Clacton Butlins entertainment Guides that I have uploaded so far

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1975 Entertainment Guide

I have always found these designs of entertainment guides to be fantastic to view. Having the resort map on the front is an excellent idea that helps the customer and feeling towards the break. As you can see in this design, it has that "oh wow" feeling.

I have included some internet links to further information about certain areas that might be of interest. Copyright to companies have been acknowledge and there might be areas that are blurred due to advertising restrictions in today's world or names being used.

I love to see that the Coca-Cola brand had achknowledge the Redcoats in their adverts. As a special note, you can see that Butlin's Clacton hd petrol pumps on resort. 

Logo copyright to Coca-Cola brand

A lot of information, all in two pages.

Unfortunately, the advert to the left had to be blurred due to restrictions on smoking. However, the right-hand side still has a lot of information available.

Late Night Cabaret is where you see the famous guest arrive to entertain you throught out the night.

There is a great deal of information to the right hand side showing some important names. Highlighting "The Redcoat Show", the Gaiety Teheatre and Donkey Derby as examples. The advert to the left is showing the Watneys Beer, which remains today. You can view more at their website located here

Competitions are well known in Butlins and many people who that got rewards, creating forever lasting memories. There are many companies that use the name VisionHire Ltd, making it hard to show additional information.

I have to say that my group is based on this saying "Come as a stranger, leave as a friend" of course, I want you to remain but the feeling is the same.

The advert to the left had to be removed due to current restrictions on advertisments. However, we are rewarded with a a great person on the right :)

There was a lot to squeeze into one day

The fun was never ending and it must of been hard work for all the staff. The Crown Russe codka remains today but not in Butlins (as far as I am aware)

"There are no strangers in Butlinland only friends we had not yet met" Just like my group on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/groups/butlinsholidayworlds

It's interesting to see that there was specific days for events such as "Families Day"

Ladies Day

Childrens Day

Seniors Day

Champions Day and note the clown, fantastic

The Last Pages

It was always common to see the last page push for booking for the next year and to show you the result of the "Miss She" competition. 

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