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Butlin's Resorts

former names: Butlin's Holiday Camps, Butlin's Holiday Worlds, Butlin's Family Entertainment Resorts

Butlins Spirit, creating memories

1936  and remains today. 

Butlin's is more than a name, it's a place that has created so many memories and smiles. Continuing today, it continues to represent Butlins in three remaining resorts, Minehead, Bognor Regis, and Skegness. When Sir Billy Butlin started, he had expanded his legacy to ten camps, located at AYR, Pwllheli, Mosney, Barry Island, Minehead, Bognor Regis, Clacton, Filey, Skegness, and the Caribbean. Only one camp had closed under Sir Billy Butlin and that was the Caribbean and that was because of timing as the camp continued to be a success.

Butlin's name was also represented in hotels, located at AYR, Blackpool, Cliftonville, Llandudno, Saltdean, Scarborough, and Skegness. When Rank purchased Butlins, they continued to expand the hotel division to Torremolinos and London. The first hotel to open should have been Borehamwood, however, this was closed down for the use of the war.

However, there was to be another change as in 1998, the current owners of that time, the Rank organisation, had made a bold move to change Butlins. Three remaining resorts were to remain as Butlins as Pwllheli and AYR were transferred to the sister company Haven, which they remain to this date. Minehead, Bognor Regis, and Skegness had pavilions installed and the transformation had changed a great deal. All the hotels were closed, as Rank took Butlins in a new direction with a new name "New Butlins Family Entertainment Resorts".

In late 2000, Bourne Leisure limited had made a deal to buy the Rank holiday division, which included Butlins, Havens, Oasis, and Warners. As time has continued to pass by, Bourne has brought back the hotel division into the resort of Bognor Regis. The three hotels are named "Wave, Ocean, and Shoreline". The redcoat uniform was changed back to a more traditional look with the logo looking near to the original. Millions of pounds have now been invested back into the three resorts with a new pool at Bognor Regis costing £40 million pounds. It was announced that a new stakeholder has joined the Butlins adventure, named Blackstone. From here, history continues to be created with a positive look ahead of the name we all love. 

Butlins Postcards

Come and view the postcards of Butlins. These are ones that do not have a specific camp/resort name on them.

Campers Memories

Come and view the postcards of Butlins. These are ones that do not have a specific camp/resort name on them.

Other Butlin's Related Postcards

Here are postcards showing you the Butlins amusement parks and other areas. This area will not include any camps/resorts or hotels.

Butlins Time lines

Come and view the most important time line to the Butlin's legacy. Here you will see a detailed time line of the amazing Butlin's company and of the person who started it all, Sir William (Billy) Butlin.

Butlins Promotional Items

Here is my collection of promotional items, including the important story of Iris, who became the face of Butlins for many years, including a Monopoly Board. 

Butlin's Uniforms

This area shows you items that I have that are Butlins uniform related.

Remembering Butlins with Photos

A collection of photos that I have obtained over the years of collecting. I do hope that some one will get joy from these photos.

Butlin's Washing Items

Where my collection had started and other items of interest that is related to washing and cleaning.

Butlins Games

With all the fun of Butlin's has on offer to all in the hotels and camps, there is also the additional fun from home. Here are the games that I have uploaded to so far for you to enjoy and remember

Butlins Vouchers

Come and view the vouchers of Butlin's. These are given as a treat from another or can be used within the camps/hotels to treat yourself. Today, they continue in a form of an app and sometimes in a small booklet. 

Butlins Programs and Guides

Here are the Butlins programs and guides that I have uploaded for all to view so far. There is much more to come from this area to be added as they show you a great deal of information including former advertisements. 

Butlins Festival of reunion program

An interesting add to my collection is this beautiful program. The Festival of Reunion,showing you a great deal of information of a historic moment

Salvation Army Butlin's Related Items

The special events that was held at Butlins from private hire. The salvation army was one of these special events. 

Newspaper Clippings

Showing Butlin's image in the newspapers with these clippings that I have collected over the years.

Press news

Links to websites showing you Butlins in the news on the internet.

Chalet and Room Related items

Here is my collection items that are chalet and room related. These include keys and posters. 

Butlin's Book related items

Here are items that are book related, these include items that are from the town that show Butlins within the image.

Matches, Lighters and Smoking Related items

This area will show you my collection of matches, lighters and ashtrays currently available to view

Butlin's Badges

Here is my collection of Butlins badges so far.

Butlin's Medals

Here is my collection of Butlins medals

Takeaway and Food Related items

Self catering to half-board or at one stage, full board. This area will show you items that I have collected related to this area of Butlin's 

Butlin's Bags

Here is my collection of Butlin's bags that I have collected so far. 

Butlin's Memos and Letters

Before email, we had memos and letters that was typed. This area shows you my collection of the letters that Butlins would of used at one stage. Today, its mainly done by the use of apps or the internet. 

Butlin's Booking Forms

Here is my collection of Butlin's booking forms, these were used to show you the prices of the break and how to book your well deserved holiday. 

Butlin's Card Items

Here is my collection of Butlins cards and related items that might be of interest to some people. 

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