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In Loving Memory of my hero,
Sir William (Billy) Butlin

A large warm welcome to everyone who takes the time to come and visit my website celebrating the great and amazing name Butlins, Sir William Butlin and your stories.

My name is Mark Banks and I am the proud owner of this website, which is designed by me during my personal time at home. Being a big fan of Butlin's, I can not help but have much pride in showing you my collection of Butlin's Memorabilia, in hope that it will spark a smile and memory for you all.

Sir William (Billy) Butlin

The founder of Butlin's - Sir William Butlin

Creating Memories and sharing his legacy

Shown in the photo behind this writing is a gem, a truly magical and beautiful building that is maintained by the amazing staff at Butlins Skegness. When I visited the Skegness resort, I had to admit that I had a deep love for this gem and what it represents to us all.  The feeling of the Butlin spirit is extremely deep and the meaning it has is very strong. For me, it allowed me to be closer to my hero and founder of the company, Sir William, also known as Billy, Butlin. 

My Butlin's started during the time when it was known as the Holiday Worlds. My favourite camp was Somerwest World in Minehead and the joys it gave me, even now as I type this, remain with me. Butlin's helped me during a moment when I was very depressed and had the feeling of being alone. However, my love for the name grew stronger as I was introduced to the founder, Sir William Butlin. With my new connection of learning more about my hero, my love for the name and the founder had only grown until the first website was opened leading to this site you are visiting. 

Butlins Resort Opens

Butlins changes from camp to resorts

Rank made a bold change as Butlin's camps become Resorts

In 1999, I applied for a role to work in Butlin's Minehead, in hope that my story can be expanded from a camper to an employee. Having gone for an interview in Brighton, with my friend Tracy coming as support, I eventually got offered the role of a room attendant. With the date confirmed, I made the bold move to Somerset as a teenager. However, there was going to be a shock to me as I arrived at the camp to see that Somerwest World was no more. 

I have to admit that I was devastated and hurt inside as my Butlin's was gone forever. Working on a row of chalets known as Rockpool Grove in Ocean Point, I would find it hard to adjust to the changes. However, there was a moment when I use to go for walks out of the camp that helped me change the way I think towards my favourite holiday location. On a corner of a road was a very old friend sitting there to remind me that my Butlin's had not gone, it just changed. This old friend was the Monorail Train as it sat on the grass reminding me of a time that I loved so much. I knew that I had to do something to remind others of my Butlin's but did not know where to start, however, the spark was there once again as I accepted the changes made by the owner at the time, Rank. (To read more about my story and how I started my collection, please click on these words)

Me saying "Hello" to you all

Warm welcome message from me

Here is a video from me for you all to watch and hear about my love for the name Butlin's. I have to say that I was nervous about doing this video and sharing it online. The video shows my one-of-a-kind bedspread made by my mother, Annette Banks. 

In this video, you can see more about my love for the name and a nice message for visiting my website. My goal has always been the same for the website and that is to help spark that memory and smile from you all, no matter the era of Butlin's as I respect them all.

Your memories are so very important and a part of the Butlin's story, if you wish to share this on this site, please on these words

Sir William Butlin

In honour of you Sir with much love

Remembering Sir William (Billy) Heygate Edmund Colborne Butlin and your Memories

There will never be another Sir Billy Butlin to walk the Earth as we celebrate his legacy. I love you so very much Sir Billy Butlin and am honoured to feature you on this website. Everything you see here is thanks to you, a person who worked so very hard to achieve something of pure gold. You are amazing to me and to all the visitors that come to this website. 

To all Members of staff of all eras of Butlins

Thank you all for what you did for us all to help create these memories as you are all so very important to this website and our group. Each and every one of you holds a special part in the history of this amazing company and continue to help create more memories for us all. No matter what year you worked or where in Butlins, from camps to head office, each and every one of you has the spirit of this man within you. I send all our love to you all and can not thank you enough for what you do for us all. I am also a former member of the staff of Butlin's, Minehead 1999.

Thank you to all the members of our group, you are fantastic!

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Butlin's Memorabilia website is not the official website for Butlins!

I am extremely grateful to Butlin's for allowing me to show their history and collection to you all. This website is designed by me as a fan of the name in hope that it will spark a smile and memory for the many people who have gone to Butlin's for their holidays.  It's therefore very important that I tell you ...

1. Butlin's Memorabilia is NOT the official website for Butlins and does not represent them, only shows you collector's items and stories from friends
2. That Butlin's has not gotten involved with my website or paid me to make this site for them. Butlin's and their respective owners have never approached me to make this site at any stage. 
3. That www.butlins.com is the official website of the most marvellous holiday company you can ask for.

Butlins.com is the number one website that shows you all the amazing breaks that you can have with them. No, they have not asked me to say this on this part of the site or any part, however, my love for the name and the respected owners, I feel it's only correct to show you where to go for that break. I often go each year and never regret it (Minehead is my favorite but Skegness has that wonderful gem and history...but then there is Bognor...umm) As you can see, It's hard for me to choose! 

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Who and What is Butlin's Memorabilia Website

Mark Banks owns and created this website to show his collection of Butlin's memorabilia items. It was created during my spare time at work and is a hobby of mine and has since grown into a site that offers a chance for others to smile. This website is NOT the official website for Butlin's and is NOT the official archive of Butlin's at any stage. The website has expanded to show stories, with permission from that person, of a moment in Butlin's from people who are either a customer or former staff. This website is in loving memory of all that had come to this amazing company and to Sir William Butlin, the founder.  This website also has information about research regarding Butlin's history with information obtained from the research I made, which is not official. 

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This website is made and maintained by me, Mark Banks, as a fan site to celebrate the amazing Butlins name as it has such a large meaning to me.  Below is additional information about the website and answers to questions that you might be thinking of (hopefully I have covered them all, if not, get in touch)

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The website has expanded to now include an area called "Untold Stories of Butlin's". These stories have been added to the site by a member of my group who has shared their moment at Butlin's. These stories are not from the official company and are from the person it represent, as shown on the page. The stories shared are from that person's memory and show the magic of Butlin's on how it creates that special moment. 

If you are not official, who is Mark?

Butlin's Memorabilia is NOT the official website for Butlins. This site is also NOT the official website for the archive of Butlin's. The owners of Butlin's, Butlin's company, and Butlins.com have NOT approached me to design this site. They have no involvement with the development of the website or with the information that is shown. I am extremely thankful that they allow me to continue showing you their company's rich history. 

The number one website for Butlins is always, www.butlins.com where you see all the information about booking a break.

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