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Information of Butlins Hotels

Sir Billy Butlin was always one step head of any other person and knew that he needed to expand his business into other areas. As reviewed his options, he knew that the next stage was the hotels. Originally starting in Borehamwood, the first hotel was to never open due to the war. However, Sir Billy Butlin had continued with the idea and made it a large success. 

Two hotels were already apart of the camps (at a later stage), one in AYR and another in Skegness. When Rank purchased Butlins, they continued to expand the hotel division up to the opening of Butlin's in London. However, in 1999, Rank decided to close all of them and concentrate only on the resorts. 

The current owner, Bourne had then brought back the hotels in Bognor Regis, where they remain today. 


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Entertainment Guides

Entertainment Guides

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Press News

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London Hotel

Butlins London 

Here are all the items that I have for Butlin's London hotel, which is rare to get hold of.

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