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Butlins Hotels

The Butlins hotels was closed down in 1999 when there was a big change in how Butlins was going to look. It was much later under Bourne that we see the return of the Butlins hotel in Bognor Regis camp. Today, there is only three hotels for Butlins and they are all apart of the Butlins Bognor Regis resort. There is currently no stand alone hotels featuring the Butlins name.

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Butlins Hotels,  former name Holiday Hotels until closure.

Sir Billy Butlin had the vision of the camps in his mind and how they can deliver to a new level for all customers. He is also a very clever businessman who expanded his idea into hotels. It was in 1936, that we see the first Butlins Hotel in the Skegness camp. This remains as amusement in today's Butlins.

Sir Billy Butlin had then expanded his hotel division to the following locations. Borehamwood (outskirts of London, opened in 1939), Blackpool (opened in 1955), Cliftonville (opened in 1955), Llandudno (open in 1981), Saltdean (opened in 1952), Scarborough (opened in 1978), and Torremolinos (opened in 1983). Another hotel was also opened within the AYR camp in 1946. It was Rank that opened a new hotel in 1993 in London. However, all hotels (besides Borehamwood, which closed in 1942) had closed down as a Butlins at the end of 1998.

With new owners of Butlin's, Bourne Leisure Limited had brought back the hotels in 2007 with three new hotels on the Bognor Regis resort. They remain today with the only resort to host a hotel. There was hope from some members that the original hotel in Skegness (the heads of AYR) was to be restored back to a hotel. 



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Entertainment Guides

Entertainment Guides

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Press News

Press News

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