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After Butlins
This part of the website shows you additional information about Butlins and its sites. The areas below show you video, photos, memorabilia and website links. As this is to do with a time that shows former Butlins being demolished, I have placed extra areas to show you caution so you don't click on the area by accident. Most areas are great research into the Butlins legacy and show some interesting history.

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Roger McLachlan

Mosney Holiday Centre and Mosney Accommodation Centre

In 1982, Butlins in Ireland had come to an end as the owners of Butlins had made the decision to close the camp. In 1982, the camp was reopened with a new name, Mosney Holiday Centre. In the year 2000, it had become Mosney Accommodation Centre.

Photo credit:  Roger McLachlan
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Former Barry Island Butlins

Barry Island Butlins

The last camp to be built and the one with a great deal of history is Barry Island Butlins. On the 29th October 1986, Rank announced that Butlins in Barry Island would be closing down. On the 23rd May 1987, the camp reopened as  Majestic Holidays (renamed to The Barry Island Resort). On the 7th November 1996, the camp was closed and Bovis Homes purchased it into a housing development. 

Butlin's Filey Holiday Camp Station

The Filey Holiday Camp Railway Station

Butlin's Filey continued to impress many as it opens its own railway station. In 1947, the station opens and the visitors arrive to the camp. The station remained in use until 1977, when it was closed down due the usage dropping a great deal.

Photo Credit: Wiki.

Butlin's Filey Closes

Following the closure of Butlin's Filey the camp would continue to become Amtree Park in 1986. However this did not last very long . 

Butlins Clacton Closes

This area of the website shows you time when Butlins Clacton had become Atlas Park. Unfortunately, Atlas Park had only last one year and closed down.

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Butlins Pwllheli Closes

In 1999, Butlins Pwllheli was no more as the camp transferred to Havens with the new name of Hafan y Môr. The camp had a train station named "Butlins Penychain". Today. the station is named Penychain railway station and remains in use as a halt with no staff members. The stop is known as a request stop.

Former Butlins AYR

Butlins AYR Closes

In 1999, Butlin's AYR had closed down in 1999 and transferred to Haven, the sister company to Butlin's. Renamed to Craig Tara, the camp remained with many old features of Butlins dispersing from the site with so much history. 

Butlins Hotels

All the Butlin's hotels closed down at the end of 1998 and was sold to other companies. Many remain in use today and are still going well, click here to see more about these wonderful hotels. 

Fun Fact:  Three new hotels returned back to Butlins in Bognor Regis.

Bognor Regis Pool

Butlins Bognor Regis

Remaining open today and still representing the Butlins name, Bognor Regis has seen a lot of demolish of the old in favour of new. 

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