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Souvenir Guide of Butlins

Entertainment has been the at the heart of Butlins since 1936, when Sir Billy Butlin introduced the Redcoats to the name Butlins. As the company grew, so did the ideas of entertainment, where it continues today in Butlins resort today. There are many different entertainers now and so many options available but one thing is for sure, the family love it all.

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Butlin's Souvenir Camp Program

This amazing item shows you a great deal of history as you not only seeing what Butlins was offering at this stage but also the old adverts of the time. The badges shown here are also in this website's honored member, Bab's collection.

Each page gives you that warm feeling as you view history in a great deal.  I have placed links to several websites below showing you additional information. These websites are ones that I found to help you discover more information.

The boring bit: There might be places where I had blur out areas. This is due to either advertisement not currently allowed or names used.

A smashing photo of Sir Billy Butlin and an advert to the left hand side. Thanks to Wikipedia, you view more about the company shown in the advert, just click here to see that.

The photos to the right hand side give you that warm feeling of how Butlin's was in the early days. 

Now we head over to the location where the camps had all started and of course that is Skegness. These photos show you a great deal of change to resort. You can also see Wikipedia explain the advert to the left by click here

The photos to the right hand side give you that warm feeling of how Butlin's was in the early days.  You can also see information abot the Ilford advert here, with thanks to Wikipedia website

One of two camps to be in Wales was Pwllheli, a location that was very popular for many memories. This location remains open today as Haven and closed its gates to Butlins in 1998. You can see the Haven page for this location by clicking here. You can also do more research on the Huntly & Palmers advert from their offical site here

Showing you the weekly programme next to the Aero plane fliths from the Butlin air fields. Interesting to see that three resorts hosted this even with only one remain in todays world (as of 2020)

No adverts shown on these pages as we look at pure history. The image shown on the holiday book was recreated in 2019 when Butlins. The BUtlin Band Parade is not much that I know about but hopefully you do, please let us know here. Key notes: Notice the camps shown, AYR, Clacton, Skegness, Pwllheli and Filey.

An interesting read for all.

The camp that was a large lost to Butlins was in Clacton. This location has a great deal of history linked to it and continues today with memories. You can also see more about the Drene shampoo via the national museum of American history, just click here to see this

Where it all started...Skegness and what a resort it is. Followed by the one resort that Sir Billy Butlin was very proud of, Filey. An interesting note is the "Mecca" dancing and it's connection to Butlins. The Rank organisation had purchased this company during the Butlins years, you can see it on Wikipedia here

The last Page

We end these scan showing two additional camps. Pwllheli camp based in north Wales and AYR in Scotland. The AYR Butlins was closed down at the end of 1998 and continues under the Haven name, a sister company to Butlins. 

You can view the AYR resort in today's world here (as of 2020)

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