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Reporting a link that is no longer active

How report a Links of concern

The links to newspapers shown on this website are not hosted or supplied by Mark Banks. They are shown to you with a direct link to the main source, where you can view it to spark that memory. If a link is no longer working or there is something you find in that article that might cause upset, please let me known. Use the arrows below to find out how to report the issue to me and I will happy to review this for you.

I am sorry that you have found an issue that is either  no longer working or has caused upset. I do not wish for you to be upset so let's make that unhappy face turn into a smiling one. As I do not host the newspaper articles directly, I am unable to solve the issue of the upload. This must be done via the website hoster, which is listed. However, I can remove the recommendation from the website.

Here are some tips on how to report the link,

1. Note down the web address at the top of the page (I find clicking on it and selecting copy helps)

2. If you are unable to do this, note down the page, for example Newspapers and the year listed

3. Then count how many newspapers in the  selection it is, for example, if there are six newspaper links on the show and there is an issue with number four, simply put newspaper four.

At the bottom of each page (at the top of this page) is a row of icons showing Facebook messenger, Twitter, MeWe and the icon above. These are all options that can help you get in touch with me. Choose your option and send the message and I will receive it and review the details sent. There is no need for personal details to be sent as I will only review the video situation and I will then feedback on any decision that has been made. It's a simple way of helping you to help me :)

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