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Butlin's Gem

In February 2020, I and my family had travelled from London to Skegness for a holiday. Whilst there, I would get the shakes of excitement knowing that I was at the original location of where it had all started, where Sir Billy Butlin had visited and said "this is where my legacy will begin....right here, now"

Today Bourne Leisure Limited does an amazing job looking after the resort and continue to invest millions of pounds into the three resorts. Bourne is very clever as they also try to blend in the classic Butlins with the current version, giving this an added value. My feeling of Butlins during my visit was very hard to explain as I had so much joy and happiness to be in the place where my hero had first walked. Thinking about it now, this was would be the place where Babs, Mandy, and Major Frank Bond had once stood, representing the name we all love. 

Butlins with Sir Billy Butlin as the leader and founder. It's mind-blowing to think about it. 

The Butlin's Gem

Butlin's Skegness 2020

From the outside, views of this wonderful Chalet

Breathing taking moment

When you look at this photo that I had taken in February 2020, you are seeing something of pure beauty and true meaning. This chalet is something that I admire and could stare at for many hours asking questions such as "Did Sir Billy Butlin enter this?" "How many campers had slept in this chalet?" "What stories can you tell us if you could speak?" "Was you a former staff unit or a bit of both, customers and staff?" My mind just keeps on going but one thing I do know for sure.

"It is an extremely beautiful chalet to look at and visit"

Butlins Skegness and Bourne Leisure have done a wonderful job looking after this very special chalet. When you visit Butlins in Skegness, you have to make sure that this is on your checklist to tick off as it's a must-see. I just love looking at it and seeing what it tells me about a time that is no more in Butlins, stunning.

From this angle, you can see this lovely unit standing proud and showing you history of Butlin's

Standing proud in its very own location for all future guest to enjoy for many years to come

A grade listed building, protected from never going anywhere but I believe Bourne would keep no matter what.

The design of this lovely chalet shows you, in detail, of the way Sir Billy Butlin was thinking and how it helped so many people smile and great new memories

The front area is amazing to look at as you get to see an excellent design that makes you think "wow, this is just amazing to see, it really is"

Its something to do with that design that made me take so many photos of this beautiful chalet, Sir Billy Butlin would be so very proud to see it still standing.

A wonderful view of the original and single deckers in the background. You will also see plants and a green area, this has been dedicated to many former customers and staff in this location. From me to you, I send my respect and love to you all.

This is a photo that I had taken from the side, giving you the idea of how big this special chalet is.

This is a view of the rear, stunning.

From this view, you can see the layout within. This gave you the basic understanding of what you would find inside.

From this view, you can see the layout within. This gave you the basic understanding of what you would find inside.

Just before I went inside, I had tear in my eye seeing a photo of the man who started it all, Sir Billy Butlin.

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Butlins Gem
"As the door open, I could feel only pure love towards this chalet and my mind was blown away. I was shaking inside as I took that first step into something special. The second foot was inside and I mind forgets who is behind me. It was just so very beautiful to see and had so many meaning behind it. The best way to describe this feeling is...."perfection"
The Gem video

It was wonderful and to be inside, this amazing photo shows you the design of the window and the walls within. I never stood on that rug, not once.

This photo gives you the idea of how wide it was within the chalet, showing you its size.

With the door wide open, my other half spoke whilst I was in a special place. The curtains do not match the boats ones but added towards the chalet.

I would love to stay the night in this unit, just look at that view, one of a kind.

I would love to stay the night in this unit, just look at that view, one of a kind.

You can see me but look at the other areas, interesting mirrors and the marking on the ceiling, what stories are there to be told.

Built to last many years.

I never wanted this day to finish...never.

I was home.

thank you Butlin's

It was truly my honour to be able to walk within the original chalet and to see the design, to hear the wood making noises as I walked around, to feel the atmosphere of the chalet, to see the designs of the windows, to close my eyes and picture all those who came to this chalet, to hear the fun outside knowing I am within a unit that helped that happen, to be in an original Sir Billy Butlin design, to smell the chalet and to understand its true meaning.

To all visitors to Butlins Skegness and to those considering a visit, always remember to pop over to this wonderful and beautiful chalet. You will not be able to go inside but seeing it from the outside has the same value as you get to see such pure beauty. To all the staff on Butlins Skegness, Butlins head office and all resorts...I thank you from within the deep of my heart to allow me access and seeing such an icon. Thank you for looking after a very valued piece of history and for allowing me to be a part of it. I am truly honoured to be a person who has the chance to show how wonderful and magnificent your resort and company truly are.

My advice to all my visitors to this page, a book that breaks at and see this gem. I believe Sir Billy Butlin would be so very proud to see that it's still there standing and telling a story of a legacy, of happiness and most importantly, the story of the meaning of Butlins. This chalet is without any doubt, the very best in all of in Butlins, and its meaning is never-ending to all of us.
Thank you so very much, you have really made my day, my month, my year and my love for Sir Billy has only increased.

Photos from my Collection

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