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Butlin's Receipts

Below you can see some wonderful receipts that were issued by the staff at Butlins to the customers. This is another important part of history that shows you more details of how Butlins had done all they can to make sure that every one had a great break/holiday.

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Butlin's Skegness Receipt

Date: 15th August 1958

Home address has been removed by me but current on the main item.

Another great item that I am happy to have in my collection is this lovely item. It shows you the information that was put into a recept and all the extras that came with it. Intresting note is that a person named J Walker was the office manager and signed this form for approval.

Also a good note is that this was a two night booking and has no information about lunches, dinners or breakfast, unlike the one below or the Bognor Regis one show on here.

What do you think about the prices in 1958?


Butlin's Skegness Receipt

Date: 2nd February 1961

The colour has changed in this second receipt and was produce four after the one above. At this stage, we do not see the Butlins logo used, like the Bognor Regis version.  You can see that the bookings for the dining hall have all been prearranged and ready for the customer to arrive.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is already to go with the tables reserved for them. This one is also a bit on the expensive side in comparison to the others however, this booking was for six people. Two Gentleman, two ladeis and two children. 

Also note the titles in each box, I find "Young Campers" to be an interesting title. 


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