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Butlins Filey Footage

I am always honored to see photos, postcards, and memories from so many people about Butlin's. It shows you the true magic of the name Butlin's and its value to the many that come for their holidays. To add to this magic, I have found videos online showing you even more history of this great name and it's wonderful to see. How to use this page: Look at the descripion and screen shot of the video to see if you're interested in what is being offered. If you want to view this video, simply click on the screen shot. A new page will now load leaving this page in place for you to choose another if you wish.

How to report a video: To report a video, send me a instant message, and tell me the page and video id

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1960's trip to Butlin's Filey

A silent footage showing you Butlin's Filey and what a great footage to be able to witness and see today. As many would know, this camp is no more making this video very important.

Uploader: thekinolibrary
Hosting video: YouTube    Video ID: FIL001


String Pulling

This was filmed in 1965

Hosting video: Youtube   Video ID: FIL002

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