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Showing the location of Somerwest World in the late 80's

Showing the funfair area and other locations of Somerwest World. This footage shows a great deal of the history of this amazing camp/resort.
Website links to: YouTube

The former location of the Skating rink at Minehead

I was never great at rollerskating, still not, however, it never stopped me from having a go.

Website links to: YouTube

The Monorail tour of Somerwest World

Showing you around Somerwest World using the iconic ride, the Monorail Train.

Website links to: YouTube

Self Catering in Somerwest World 1989

Amazing footage of the chalets and surrounding areas in Somerwest World  Butlins.

Website links to: YouTube

Family person footage of Somerwest World in late '80s.

Recorded by my father in the late '80s, can you name the revenues?. 

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Another Monorail Train tour of Somerwest World

Another tour of the Monorail train showing off the pure beauty of Somerwest World.

Website links to: YouTube

Wrestling at Somerwest World Butlin's in 1989

Recorded by my father in 1989, here is footage of Wrestling fun. 

Website links to: YouTube

Wizzy World at Somerwest World

The club that I loved a great deal was the Wizzy World (also known as one stage as Whizzy World). This footage take me back and I can not help but smile at the fun we had in this location.

Website links to: YouTube

A tour of a mixture of locations in Somerwest World.

A great tour of Somerwest World.

Website links to: YouTube

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