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2010 Butlin's Minehead Chalet Photos

Thank you for having a look at my personal photos of Butlin's Minehead, the location I have the most wonderful memories. You can also click on some of the photos to see additional information about my memory and some knowledge that might be helpful

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I took this photo as it shows my former location of  where i worked in 1999 under Rank.

The former location of the self catering chalets in Minehead. Closed down soon after 1999, they remain not used. 

However, further along the time line, they reopened to staff use.

The double decker's also had bath's installed, which was rare at the time as it was mainly showers

The buildings also continued to tell a story as you can see via this old light fitting which had not been replaced. 

These curtains are the design of the Butlin's Family Entertainment Resorts era, 1999. I was shocked to see them remain all these years later.

Stunning view

The old lock and key format, which remained on these doors in 2010. The card system was installed on the other chalets by this time. 

The old deluxe accommodation, no longer in Butlins at this location as this is now a new Westklake chalets.

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