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New Butlin's Chalets

Near the rear of the resort/camp, on the right-hand side is an area called Westlake Village. Before it became this new build of chalets, it was once single-decker accommodation that all went at an angle. They were used as room only and were good in size. As time went on, the rooms would see development as the front row would become deluxe accommodation.

At the rear of the rows, towards the end of the resort/camp was one row that was used for storage and other matters. In the 2000s, these rooms were closed and no one would stay in them unless it was for special occasions. Eventually, planning permission was granted for a new build, which is where the Westlake village comes into the storyline. Below are photos of when these used to be single decker's and when it all changed into what we see today.

February 2013 - Before the change to WestLake.
October 2013
New Butlin's Chalets

A large investment was planned for Butlin's Minehead as the owner's Bourne Leisure limited looked to change a selection of chalets that had been closed for many years. The original single-decker chalets had been sitting there unused for many years until the planning permission was granted to build new chalets called Westlake village.

The photos on this page is showing you this village from the former layout to the one that you see today (as of 2021).

April 2014
October 2014
February 2015

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