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The dining rooms and silver room only accommodation (as of 2012, later on these were upgraded to Silver Suites)
Can you see the symbol on the side of the building? Click here to learn more about this system that was in place to help the customers/campers get around.
I have to say that the special moments that make Butlins so very good is when you come back to the chalet room to see the cleaner to have done this for you. It's such a small thing to do with the biggest heart feeling of them all. This was taken in 2012 and I did send an email to Butlin's to praise the wonderful team for such a brilliant job to do. The Billy Butlin spirit is strong in this photo as this tells such a large story that you can't help but think "that is truly amazing to see". 
Notice the blue square on the chalet building, which was a part of the symbol system in Butlins.
The former Premier, now Deluxe Accommodation
Notice the blue square on the building showing the old symbol system that was in place in the early years of Butlin's

View more about the symbol system here
Notice the symbol ? another one that was used for the symbol system of Butlins.

To learn more about the Butlins Symbol system, click here
Stunning to see the investment into the village at the front of the camp.

The former location of the Launderette Building. 

Click here to open a new window to see the building that was here before

Oyster Bay showing off pure beauty

Any photos of the accommodation is welcoming to me

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