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Thank you for having a look at my personal photos of Butlin's Minehead, the location I have the most wonderful memories. You can also click on some of the photos to see additional information about my memory and some knowledge that might be helpful

The entrance of the Crazy Horse Saloon, this was on the right hand side as you went inside to the swinging doors of fun
In 2020, this area is converted into offices, which is now used for arts and crafts. Before all that, it was a sitting area for them campers to watch the shows.
This small shop has more meaning to it other than the place to purchase your bingo tickets. 

Click on the photo or on these words to see further information about this small shop in the Crazy Horse Saloon
There use to be a lot more tables and chairs here during my time at Butlin's before they closed this wonderful club down in 1999, what a place. 
The toilets of the Crazy Horse Saloon

The toilets of the Crazy Horse Saloon

The name of the main bar, which was being used for the arcade prize exchange in 2019. I am unsure to its use in todays Butlins (as of 2021)
The Crazy Horse Saloon Trading Post shop at the rear of the stage. 

The entrance of the club, there use to be swinging doors here at one stage giving this club the western feeling. 

Better in the light as we see the seating area at the rear of the club

I use to dance the night away on that dance floor. This is the actual dance floor that I danced when I was a teenager and wow, what a feeling it was to see it still there in 2010. Even now, as I type this, I can still remember this great time.
The toilets of the Crazy Horse Saloon.

The main stage area of the Crazy Horse Saloon Club. This remain in place in 2019 however, I am unsure it remains in 2021

The swinging doors of the Crazy Horse Saloon, as shown int his photo. They would be at the entrance to give that Western theme to the club.

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