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Butlin's Washing Items

The year is 1999 and I was an employee of Butlin's Family Entertainment Resort in Minehead, under the management of Rank. Working in an area called Rockpool Grove in Ocean Point, I would work under the manager Mandy B (reduced surname to protect name). As I worked away, we were asked to help out with a relocation program that was due to be completed. In this case, it was people moving items from the Beachcomber building into the Quaser building. As I arrived at the building, the supervisor in charge had told us what was needed to be moved. As I walked up the stairs, my memories of my childhood had flooded me at great speed.

Getting to the top, I would look to see the Bowlingo remaining, the small arcade to the right-hand side and the snooker tables all set up awaiting guests. What shocked me next was when we were told to go inside that unit at the rear. Walking inside, I would see the old Wizzy World theatre, still as I remember it and ready for guests. The smell and feel of this building were hitting me hard as I remember what this location had meant to me as a child and still does. There is a connection to me and I had found it very hard to move away from this as I waited for the Monorail to go past, which was to never happen again. The echo sound of the stairs was all contributing to this fond memory.
It was a sad moment for me that words could never explain as I cried for my old Butlins. Silly as it seems, I used the toilet at the rear left-hand side and remember the building well as I closed my eyes to picture all the fun I had in this building. Starting the move, I bent down and picked up this very item. I asked, "may I have this please" "oh that thing, yes, it's worthless now, put it in the bin" but I did not.

I took it back to my chalet and sat down picturing only my past and it was at this very moment that my collection had started. This one yellow cloth from Butlins Minehead, in a building that is no longer there and from an era very close to my heart. This scan is old as it features the watermark large but it still tells a story that is extremely close to me. 

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