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Remembering the Butlin's Filey Holiday Camp Railway Station

The photo that you see in the background is used with permission from Wikipedia (public domain use). It shows you the former location of the station and was taken on the 16th of September 2011. The history of this station is amazing as Sir Billy Butlin was a fan of trains and it would come as no surprise that there was a station opened for his camp. To think that this location had once played a major role in so many smiles is fascinating to think about.

Opening on the 10th Mary 1947, would be officially opened its gates by Lord Middleton, lord lieutenant of East Riding of Yorkshire. The station was to be a terminus, the end of the line, where the trains would finish their journey and then restart back to where they came from. The station was a huge success as it had four long platforms that gave a lot of room for all the campers to arrive safely to start their break at the wonderful Butlins Filey.

The station is not like others as it was only used for the holiday seasons and according to history, this was a Saturday-only journey. The location of this important historical moment is shown to be the west of the A165 road. There was a connection to the holiday camp via a private pathway (known as a subway) that would go under the main road toward the camp. Sir Billy Butlin is very clever and had a road train in use to transport the customers to and from this location, meaning that there was little walking involved. This would all add up to the excitement of the break.

Unfortunately, the station would only be open until the year 1977, when the use of road transport had greatly increased. This meant that fewer people were using the railroad to travel to and from a location. As the numbers declined more and more each year, it was decided that it was best to pull the plug on the idea. The subway would remain unused and the station would close down and be known as a disused station.  

Disused Station records
Disused Stations Site Record

This website is amazing as it shows more in-depth information about the station. The details show that the train line was run by the London & North Eastern Railway. This website also shows you the road train with the photo.  (the button below opens a new window)

National Transport Trust
National Transport Trust

Another great website that shows you a lot of information about the station. It has a detailed description of the Filey Holiday camp station. Some of the most amazing photos you will see of the station is found on this website. (the button below opens a new window)

Derelict Places

This link shows you the forum on the above website. A user named TK421 has put some amazing photos of the Filey Holiday Camp station for you to view. (the button below opens a new window)


This website shows similar photos to what you see on the other three however, it had additional ones that show the trains that were used to arrive at this location. There is a fantastic photo, in colour, in August 1977. (the button below opens a new window)

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