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The Untold Stories of Butlin's

As the Butlin's memorabilia website grew with my collection, I was delighted to find many others sharing their Butlin's stories. As the importance of Butlin's grew on me, I began to realise that the story of this great name goes far beyond the camps/resorts and hotels.

The Untold Stories offer another perspective on the Butlin's story and provide a different view of the name we all cherish. This area has expanded to allow us to experience more of Butlins during a time when we may not have had the opportunity before. These stories are crucial to the website and evoke a strong emotional response. I'm so glad to be able to share them with you.

The untold stories of Butlin's 

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The Monorail Train Story

Experience the untold story of Rundle, the company that restored an icon to its former glory. Discover how the Monorail train was restored to its full beauty for all to enjoy for years to come.

Major Frank Bond Story

The story of Major Frank Bond is significant as it highlights the connection between the Warner camps and Dovercourt. The inclusion of previously unseen photographs allows the reader to experience the story through Major Frank's perspective. The story is told by Mandy, Sir Billy Butlin's godchild.

Bobby and David Story

The untold story of Bobby and David as they reveal photos never before seen in the world of the internet. See the collection of Butlin's memorabilia from Filey and Barry Island, including a Butlin's pledge.

Rocky Mason Story

Known as a Butlin's legend, Rocky Mason was a gentleman who loved Butlins and knew the importance of the name to campers. Rocky was also instrumental in the careers of many employees and was always knowledgeable about many areas of Butlin's.

Norman Bunny Brooks Story

This is an extremely important story of a gentleman who helped build the very first camp. Norman was an employee of Butlins in 1935 and was there on the day of the opening of Butlins Holiday Camp in 1936. Mr Brooks was also one of the first people to wear the Redcoat uniform.

Chris Chapman Story

 Chris' knowledge and experience is an amazing story to read as you experience all the love he has for the Butlin's name. Working alongside Rocky Mason, Chris's story is an amazing one to read and he is a close friend of this website.

Madeleine (Babs) Story

Madeleine, who was renamed Babs at Butlins as her name was too long, is a member of the website which contains a lot of information about her time at Butlins. Babs feels the same way I do about Sir Billy Butlin and has great respect for everything he started.

Dave Nicholas Story

An amazing story and a story that needs to be told is about Dave Nicholas. Playing a key role in entertaining guests, you can read Dave's diary of his work and experiences at Butlins. He has also been featured on a postcard.

Paul Story

Paul Hibbert is an amazing person with a heart of gold and is the person to talk to about the monorail. His knowledge is outstanding and he works hard to put a smile on the faces of so many people. Paul is also the person who put me in touch with Rundle to get this story on the website. Here are his photos to show you his passion for Butlins.

Angela's Story

An amazing collection of photographs showing Butlin's Minehead in 1973. Angela was a part-time Redcoat and part of the entertainment known as the Manhattan Dancers. These are truly amazing photos and a wonderful story to read.

Christophers Story

Reading the diary of Christopher at Butlin's Pwllheli with amazing photos and diary of his time at Butlins.

Martin Keast Story

Working as a Redcoat during the Butlin's Somerwest World era, you can see the photos of Martin and how he helped create their special memories. I remember my time at Butlin's and seeing Martin, which makes this story that little bit more special to me.

John Mccarthy Story

John's career at Butlins is amazing as he started as a lifeguard. Working hard in Somerwest World, John would become a Redcoat, helping to create new memories for many who came for their holiday. John would go on to become a sound engineer and stage manager. Click on the button below to read more about his amazing story.

Tony Cornell Story

Working at Butlins during the Holiday Worlds era, we can see a history of the Redcoats through Tony's eyes with his wonderful photographs. There is a lot of joy in these photos as you get to see an area that no longer exists at Butlin's Minehead.

Gary Jackson Story

The story of Gary at Butlin's Minehead and how he helped create special memories for the campers who came for the fun. Read about his adventure raising money for charity. Some of the most wonderful photos will be shared with the website for us all to enjoy.

Lindsey's Story

An excellent story featuring Butlin's Somerwest World, including the Kentucky Derby game so loved by so many. Lindsey's story also includes photos of Butlins Minehead in the Pavilion.

Paula's Story

Amazing selection of photos showing Butlin's Somerwest World and all that it offered customers. Paula's untold story is an excellent addition to the Butlins Memorabilia website.

Donna's Story

Donna's amazing collection of photos showing Butlins Somerwest World, my favourite camp and era. 

Pam's  Story

Pam's amazing collection of photos of the staff members who helped create them special moments at Butlin's Somerwest World. These include different departments that all helped towards the magic of Butlins

Anna's Story

Photos of Anna's holiday at Somerwest World and what this amazing time in her life meant for her.

Jeanette Story

Jeanette's story is another good example of the value of Butlin's and how important memories can make us all smile. Come and see another excellent story that will help you see another side of Butlin's.

Tracy Story

Tracy shows us her love for the name Butlins and loves the history of this amazing name. She is happy to chat to anyone about any era and we get to see some of her lovely items in the hope that it will bring a smile to her face.

Kevin Story

An amazing story to view is Kevin's as you get to see Butlins through someone else's eyes. These photo collections are great to see as you get to travel back in time and see some of the most wonderful photos shared on the website.

Tracey Story

Tracey has some of the most amazing photos that have been shared on the website as they are the first to show Pwllheli Holiday Worlds before it was renamed to Starcoast World. Amazing photos and another era of a time that is no more.

John Story

See photos of the old swimming pool and John's videos on PopBox from his time in Bognor Regis.

Kevin Story

Kevin's amazing photos show an era of Butlins that is no more. I was so pleased when he said I had permission to share his photos here.

Ben Story

Ben has shared some amazing photos of Bognor Regis and Minehead with more to come. Come and have a look at these fantastic photos.

Tanya Story

The magical photos of Tanya and her connection to Butlins Minehead. See photos from a time that is no more, including the Queen of the Lake Boat.

Jo Story

Some of the most amazing photos you could ever want to see were taken by Jo. After sharing her photos on my social media group, I was permitted to share them here, and they are absolutely gorgeous.

Gemma story

Gemma's amazing shared photos give us another untold story. These amazing photos give us the chance to rekindle that memory with a special moment that we all remember.

Mike Story

Amazing photos of Butlins with the help of Mike as he tells his untold story. Absolutely stunning to watch, we get to see another side of the brand we all love so much.

Neil's Story

Neil is a member of the website's social media group and continues to be a source of information and a great person to chat with about the history of Butlins. Having permitted me to share his photos, we can see the history of Butlins through his untold story.

Jane's Story

Showing some amazing photos of Butlin's Minehead before the rear building was built. As you can see on the cover of the folder, there are no caravans or chalets built at this stage.

Claire's Story

Claire has some amazing photos to show you Minehead during the Holiday Worlds era, known as Butlin's Somerwest World. These photos are truly magical to see and give you a different view of Butlins before the big changes in 1999.

Pamela's Story

Pamela's photographs of Butlin's Clacton are a testament to the beauty of the camp. These stunning photos offer a glimpse into the past of the second eldest camp, which is no longer in operation.

Alison Story

Amazing set of photos showing Butlins Minehead Camp in all its beauty. Alison's collection shows you areas of Minehead Butlins that no longer exist.

Chris Story

Christopher and his children love to show off their time at Butlin's. They have the very best of times and are amazing to see and have fun at Butlins. Christopher has a great respect for the Butlins name and what it offers us all. Come and see his story with his children.

James Story

James has a high passion for AYR Butlins and shows his photos of his time on holiday

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