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The Butlin and Butlin's Timeline

As the website started to grow, the more I wanted to know more about the legacy of a great man. From travelling with his family in the Hill Showman, Billy would go from strength to strength. What made this subject an obsession was the fact that a young Billy Butlin had hopped onto a cattle ship and made his way back to England from Canada. 

He knew what he wanted and how he was going to get it with so much ambition, success was always going to be the achievement he would reach. I  wonder to myself many times what that young Billy Butlin would have thought he knew of his legacy and future.  Today, we celebrate his success and the many creations he added for us all to enjoy, even now in today's world. 

How to use this part of the website

The design of the Butlin timeline was much harder than I originally thought as there was much to add. As the timeline grew, I found that the website page was starting to impact devices' loading time. To keep the experience of this page up to a high standard, I thought it would be best to place the timeline into ten-year slots would be better. Of course, I never know when to stop so I added links to further research and videos (where available) to show you even more. Now the timeline is better than the first one. 

Simply click on the year you wish to view first and you will see the historic information will load on the page. There will be shortcuts within the pages to help you navigate to the next ten years. 

The Year Selection for the Butlin Timeline
1880 and before

Come and view the details of the Butlin timeline and the connection Sir William Butlin name has with his family tree.

The Year Selection for the Butlin Timeline
1890 to 1899

View the details of the family moving to Cape Town in South Africa and the birth of William Butlin and the opening of the Butlin's Bicycle shop

The Year Selection for the Butlin Timeline
1900 to 1909

View the details of Bertha's and William's second child, Billy's brother, Harry John Butlin. Also included is the move back to England.

The Year Selection for the Butlin Timeline
1910 to 1919

Read about the William Butlin moving to Canada with his mother Bertha and working at Eaton's. Also included is when Billy joined the Canadian Army.

The Year Selection for the Butlin Timeline
1920 to 1929

These years in the Butlin timeline show you the involvement of the Barnstaple Fair and Billy falls in love with Dolly Cheriton. Further research also shows you the original site of the first Butlin's in Skegness.

The Year Selection for the Butlin Timeline
1930 to 1939

Butlin's Bognor Regis shelter and the opening of the first Butlin's Holiday camp in Skegness. There is also the sad news of the passing of Bertha, Billy's wife. The connection between Major Frank Bond and also Norman Bradford, the first Redcoat.

The Year Selection for the Butlin Timeline
1940 to 1949

Read about the support that Billy Butlin had given with World War Two. The development and creation of the 21 clubs to support our troops. Also, read about how the camps were handed to the ministry to help train the troops. Billy also receives a MBE

The Year Selection for the Butlin Timeline
1950 to 1959

The year the Brighton hotel was open with the sad news of the passing of Billy's father, William Butlin. This was also the year that Butlin's international channel swimming was taking place. This was also the moment that Billy Butlin MBE was featured on "This is your life"

The Year Selection for the Butlin Timeline
1960 to 1969

The opening of Bognor Regis camp is featured in this part of the timeline. This is also the moment when Billy's son, William Butlin (Junior) was born. Butlin's also opens in Minehead as Billy Butlin becomes Sir William (Billy) Butlin. This is also the moment that the icon of Butins, the monorail train is born and when Sir Billy Butlin retires. 

The Year Selection for the Butlin Timeline
1970 to 1979

Butlin's is under new ownership as the Rank organisation purchases Butlin's. Valued at the time at £43 million pounds, Robert Butlin would become the executive of the company. Sir Billy Butlin and Sheila Butlin also marry in these years. 

The Year Selection for the Butlin Timeline
1980 to 1989

It's a very sad day in Butlin's as the founder passes away. These years continue to show sad news as the Mosney camp in Ireland is closed with the tower restaurant in London. The first Redcoat, Norman Bradford also passes away during these years. The further disappointing news is the closure of Filey, Clacton, and Barry Island with Robert Butlin stepping down as executive. 

The Year Selection for the Butlin Timeline
1990 to 1999

The creation of the Butlin's Holiday Worlds era. The camps were all renamed to holiday worlds with Pwllheli and AYR being named twice in the timeline. These years also feature the diamond jubilee and also another introduction to Butlin's Family Entertainment Resorts era. These years are the last time that Butlin's is known as holiday camp.  These are also the years when the hotel division is sold and Pwllheli and AYR are transferred to Haven (a sister company)

The Year Selection for the Butlin Timeline
2000 to 2009

With Pwllheli and AYR now transferred to Haven (the sister company at the time), Butlin's is sold to Bourne Leisure limited as they become the new owners of an amazing company. Bourne also reintroduces the hotel's division in Bognor Regis. The sad news is that Robert Butlin passes away in these years. 

The Year Selection for the Butlin Timeline
2010 to 2019

Bognor Regis resort has a new £40 million pound swimming pool built. The former staff accommodation at Minehead is demolished with planning permission for a caravan village to be in its replacement. 

The Year Selection for the Butlin Timeline
2020 to 2029

With a new large stake owner of Bourne Leisure, Blackstone puts Butlin's up for sale. The land is purchased as new landlords rent the land out to Butlins. New developments as the years start to pass by. 

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