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Butlins Caribbean

Butlin's Barry Island

Billy Butlin was doing very well with his hotel division and holiday camps creating new memories for all those guests and campers. It was in 1948, Billy Butlin had expanded his camps outside the United Kingdom into Ireland, Mosney. It was a huge success as his camps expanded by one more that was helping with creating that Butlin's Magic. With success following Billy Butlin with his determination and business skills, he would purchase some hotels in the Bahamas in 1946.

It was in 1949 that we had seen the holiday camps expand by one more as Butlin's Bahamas was opened. Billy Butlin was determined to achieve success with his new camp and like many others, worked very hard to achieve the same success that Mosney and the UK camps were having. Many members of staff travelled to this location and helped to gain success.

As time was passing by, Billy Butlin had to make a choice that many did not think would happen. As a businessman who knew what he had to do and when it was time for Billy Butlin to close down Butlins in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, the camp was costing more to run than it did to keep it open and this was due to one issue. Information has shown that the location is correct, the idea was brilliant...however timing was not on his side. The camp was sold as Billy returned to pay more attention to his camps and hotels in Ireland and the United Kingdom. It was told that the camp did continue and was a success at a later stage, showing that it was timing that got Billy, not his inspiring ideas. 

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