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He is a very cleaver man, who is a head of his time

Sir Billy Butlin knew what he wanted and how it was going to be done as he opened up his first Holiday camp in Skegness. His legacy is celebrated by the current owners, Bourne Leisure Limited, who have the same feeling as Sir Billy Butlin with blending in the classic Butlin with the current version. The camps, now known as resorts, have decreased in size over the years but the memories have certainly remained high.

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The Butlin Story

One of the most important stories to Butlin's is the one of Sir Billy Butlin. It's how the legacy had started and continues today

12th  June 1980

The day we all never wanted to see recorded into the history books. This was the day Sir Billy Butlin passed away. Here are photos of his grave. 

Sir Billy Butlins Basic History

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Sir Billy Butlin, The Butlins Family and Butlins timeline

I have designed the Butlins time line showing some key areas that I believe many would love to learn about.

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