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Butlins Bognor Regis,  former name Southcoast World during Holiday Worlds era.

As with all Butlin's, there is always a history attached that shows how clever Sir Billy Butlin was in getting his camps into towns. Bognor Regis was one that was difficult at first as he was in fact denied permission to build on the site. However, Billy being cleaver, he opened up a zoo and some Butlin's buildings in the town. His mark was in Bognor Regis until development was needed, of which Sir Billy's businesses was in the way.

To support the town, he made a deal to rent the land you see today and to place the funfair within to keep it away from eyesight. Today, the lease on the land remains and Bognor remains to represent Sir Billy Butlin. One of only three to continue the name, it is also the only resort to host a hotel, well three of them.

Today, Bognor Regis does not look like you see in this photo and has had the most modifications done to it. There is some original chalets that remain called Oyster Bay. Bourne has recently spent £40 million pounds on a new swimming pool, replacing the staff accommodation units. Below is what I have uploaded from my collection so far.


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