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Ohh...this is very exciting that you have come to this page to ask about sharing your story with me. Every story of Butlin's, either from a campers/guest or staff is extremely important to me and Butlin's timeline. To share your story on the website, here is what is needed (super easy steps)

  1. How to share your beautiful story - Have a good think about what you would like to share and then get in touch with me using the menu bar above showing the Facebook messenger, MeWe, Twitter, or email. They are found on each page at the bottom.  
  2. What to consider - Please think about other family members in the photo and make sure that you are happy to share the photo. I can also blur the faces to protect them if they feel they do not wish to be seen in the photo. 
  3. If you are unsure - Get in touch with me and let's discuss the subject as I always find it exciting to see when another shows their memories, which are always gold to me and to my visitors of the website.

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