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Items on this Website

The name Butlins and the logos are the copyright of Butlins and the respected owners. I am grateful that I am allowed to use them however please be aware they hold the rights. The logos can be requested to be removed at any time.

The scans on here showing the words "Mark Banks Butlin's Collections" are my ownership of me. However, credit to original publishers will be respected and shown. 

Butlins has not asked me to make this website and has no connection to how it's built or the views shown. The only connection this website has with Butlins is the rich history that their company has.

Memories Shared

There are many members who take the time to share their love for the name Butlins. I have extremely honoured and privileged to be given these to share with you all.

The untold stories shown to you are from friends of the Butlins Memorabilia website.  Please respect their shared memory and not challenge this special moment. Each untold story of Butlin's is an one-of-a-kind moment. 

NO copies will be reproduced or given to anyone as that memory is owned by that person only.


This website is offered to you for free as a fan website. I show you my memories and others in the hope that it will spark a great memory.

As stated before, Butlins has not asked me to make this website and have not contributed anything towards the running of the website. This website is also NOT the official site for the amazing name of Butlin's. Butlin's is run by professionals who continue to create memories and that smile.  Please do not contact them about any issues found on this site. If you feel they could benefit from a historic photo or item, please share it with them as I know they would love to see it. 

However, the website they do own and operate is, where you can find an amazing break and when you are there, share a live video on our groups, click on these words to see the options available

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Who and What is Butlin's Memorabilia Website

Mark Banks owns and created this website to show his collection of Butlin's memorabilia items. It was created during my spare time at work and is a hobby of mine and has since grown into a site that offers a chance for others to smile. This website is NOT the official website for Butlin's and is NOT the official archive of Butlin's at any stage. The website has expanded to show stories, with permission from that person, of a moment in Butlin's from people who are either a customer or former staff. This website is in loving memory of all that had come to this amazing company and to Sir William Butlin, the founder.  This website also has information about research regarding Butlin's history with information obtained from the research I made, which is not official. 

Butlins Memorabilia extra areas

This website is made and maintained by me, Mark Banks, as a fan site to celebrate the amazing Butlins name as it has such a large meaning to me.  Below is additional information about the website and answers to questions that you might be thinking of (hopefully I have covered them all, if not, get in touch)

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Butlins Memorabilia Support and help

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The Untold Stories of Butlin's

The website has expanded to now include an area called "Untold Stories of Butlin's". These stories have been added to the site by a member of my group who has shared their moment at Butlin's. These stories are not from the official company and are from the person it represent, as shown on the page. The stories shared are from that person's memory and show the magic of Butlin's on how it creates that special moment. 

If you are not official, who is Mark?

Butlin's Memorabilia is NOT the official website for Butlins. This site is also NOT the official website for the archive of Butlin's. The owners of Butlin's, Butlin's company, and have NOT approached me to design this site. They have no involvement with the development of the website or with the information that is shown. I am extremely thankful that they allow me to continue showing you their company's rich history. 

The number one website for Butlins is always, where you see all the information about booking a break.

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