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Items on this Website

The name Butlins and the logos are the copyright of Butlins and Bourne Leisure Limited. I am grateful that I allowed to use them however please be aware they hold the rights. The logos can be requested to be removed at any time. The scans on here showing the words "Mark Banks Butlin's Collections" are the ownership of me. However, credit to orginal publishers will be respected and shown.

Memories Shared

There are many members who take the time to share their love for the name Butlins. I have extremely honoured and privileged to be given these to share with you all. Please respect this and only share these with the watermark present. I do not own the rights to these photos, they do at all times. These shares have a large impact on the history of Butlins and show wonderful memories.


This website is offered to you for free as a fan website. I show you my memories and others in the hope that it will spark a great memory. Please do not contact Butlins about this site as they have no connection to this, other than the name. Now if you want a great holiday, go to www.butlins.com and check out the great resorts where you can a lot of fun. When you are on holiday, do a live video on our Facebook Group, Butlins Memorabilia and Friends