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Crazy Horse Saloon at Butlin's Minehead - Somerwest World

When thinking about the joys that Butlin's have given me and the feeling of being someone of value, I always remember one area that always made me smile. That memory comes from the music being played at the Crazy Horse Saloon in Minehead, Somerwest World.

At the time, the DJ Redcoat was Stephen Mulhern (click to see more about him), who is now a famous celebrity. To this day, he continues to follow his roots with the Redcoats and entertains so many people at the resorts. He was fantastic in the holiday world's era and is brilliant today still giving so many people smiles.

Here is my memory of my dancing at Butlins and I hope it helps you smile too, can you still do the moves? There was only one negative part of this moment...when it finished!

"Thank you to the redcoats and all the staff during this time, you really did help me in ways that made me come out of depression, you truly have all got the spirit of Sir Billy Butlin within you. and know your hard work had helped so many people."

Black Lace - Superman

The music shown here is in no particular order as we start with this excellent song. The Redcoats would start the fun as they encourage us to dance the night away. We raced to the dance floor in front of the stage as Superman was being played. The redcoats and staff around us would start the dance moves as the Sir Billy Butlin spirit had started. The fun was only just starting and we were all smiling whilst dancing to the songs we all love. There were redcoats on the stage, some redcoats on the dance floor, and the bar and shop staff joining in the fun and doing the moves all learnt very well.

Black Lace - I am the Music Man

As the previous song would finish, Stephan would run off to get the next song started and it was going to be another great one. The redcoats on the stage continued to make us smile as I remember seeing the bar staff joining in every move. The next song comes on and Stephan runs back onto the stage as the song would start. It was that moment where we shouted "BUTLINS"

The best bit was "oggy oggy.... oi oi" and "HERE WE GO, HERE WE GO, HERE WE GO "BUTLINS!!" HERE WE GO, HERE WE GO..."BUTLINS!!"

Black Lace - Agadoo

As you picture my memory of this great time in the Crazy Horse Saloon, you see Stephan run off to put the next song on. The dance floor was now packed with so few now sitting down. The club was absolutely buzzing with a positive feeling as everyone would do the moves for "AGADOO..." as we all joined in the fun. There was very little staff at this stage doing nothing as they were all at it, creating the Butlin's magic! WOW, what a memory as I listen to this now!

Black Lace - Do The Conga

Oh yes, it was that moment when the Redcoats would say "it's time to get into a line as we do the conga!", well maybe not them exact words but near enough. The Redcoats would lead and join the lines in different parts of the conga as we travelled around the club. The bar staff would do a small one as we went around the club on the Crazy Horse Saloon tour. The fun was amazing as we all went around the pathways just having plain fun. This was by far my favourite song of them all and the most enjoyable one of them all :) Oh..happy days!

Black Lace - Hokey Cokey

We formed a large round circle on the dance floor as this song started, wow, got a tear coming down my face on this memory. As the chorus came on, we all ran into the middle not caring if we tripped as we all laughed. Of course, we added the Butlins magic to the song "Woah, the hokey "BUTLINS!!", wokey Woah, the hokey cokey "BUTLINS!!", Woah, the hokey cokey "BUTLINS!!", Knees bent, arms stretched, Ra-ra-ra" and then the best bit came...."Ohhhh......wait for it...." and we did until "Woah, the hokey "BUTLINS!!", wokey Woah, the hokey cokey "BUTLINS!!", Woah, the hokey cokey "BUTLINS!!","

Black Lace - Timewarp

At this stage the redcoats must have been knackered as the time warp started, the customers wanted more! and I was one of them. There was no one sitting down at this stage, the whole club was is the positive vibe and the feeling of Sir Billy Butlin was in the room. Wow, I am loving these memories a great deal. I am so very, very thankful to all the redcoats and staff at Butlins for what they did here. "LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN!" Any redcoats listening to these songs will not help them self as they do the dance moves now, I know I am lol!

The Gap Band - Oops Upside your head

With all that dancing, it was time to sit another song! "Opps.....upside your head!"

I remember Stephan asking "Can everyone sit in rows on the dance floor and follow the redcoat's moves, it's time for oops upside your head" and off we went as the song started, the hands went up and started to clap, side to side, we all just had so much fun as everyone knew the song so very well. Can you remember this bit of the fun :)

Village People - YMCA

Of course!!! No dance along can be one without the famous YMCA!

Everyone knew the moves to this famous song as everyone in the club did the moves. The redcoats, bar staff, the occasional cleaner and even security would do the moves. Just picture it now....the whole club doing the moves now! The feeling in the Crazy Horse Saloon was at an all-time high as everyone was having so much fun thanks to the name Butlins! You forgot there was an outside world at this stage as you had so much fun!

The Firm - Star Trekkin

Not always played but did appear, Star Trekkin...

It had to be done when this played as the song made you feel ready for the fast part. I remember the redcoats looks so very tired however, they never wanted to stop the fun as it continued with every one has the very best fun.

Whigfield - Saturday Night

It was not Saturday Night

Another song that was very popular at the time was this classic song. You could not help but do the moves to a song that was so very popular at the time.

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