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Martin's untold Butlins story

Martin's Untold Butlin's Story

Welcome to the untold story of Martin's story, a former Redcoat named Worzel. Working during the Butlin's Holiday Worlds era in Somerwest World, Martin would contribute towards the smiles and memory creation for many customers. Working from 1990 to 1992, Martin would be known for his impressions. I personally remember Martin due my time at Butlin's Somerwest World and it was a great joy to see him in my group and agree to be added to this site. Thank you Martin for what you did in the early 90's as it really helped me feel that I was in another place and I needed it greatly.

Martin's Memory as a Redcoat in Somerwest World

One very wet day I was compering in an unusually packed ballroom...the Wessex rooms. A blond-haired girl about 3 walked up to me while I was talking on the microphone and said very clearly...Can I say a poem? The people all were heard to say...aahhhhhhh. I handed her the microphone and that was my big mistake... With the microphone in her hand, she  clearly said

"Two little dickie birds sitting on a wall, one named Peter and one named away Peter fly away Paul,  piss off Peter piss off Paul"

She then ran back to her parents who were laughing very loudly as was everyone in the room. I said Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I'd love to thank you for a very successful career here at Somerwest World I'm now popping next door to the personnel office to collect my p45. There were no complaints which was good and obviously, everyone in the room had a great sense of humour

Martin's Untold Butlins Story

Martin's Untold Butlins Story

Martin's Untold Butlins Story

Martin's Untold Butlins Story

Visiting Butlin's Minehead in 2023

Martin's Untold Butlins Story

Visiting Butlin's Minehead in 2023 - two former Butlin's Holiday Worlds Redcoats, working to help create memories. 

Permission was given to Mark and Butlins Memorabilia website from Martin, to show his wonderful Butlin's story. Any stories and photos shown on this page are not owned by me and are owned by those who shared them. Please do not ask for their details as I will not share anything with you as I do not hold their details and it's not my place to give them away if I did.

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