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That special moment with Chris Chapman

I can really admit that all those thoughts of excitement with each day at Butlins, used to go through my head every day, and I did find it hard to get to sleep ,thinking about what was in store the next day. I remember the excitement of approaching Clacton camp every year, and as we rounded the bend ,to want to see what had been added from the previous year.

In 1956, it was the funfair, moved forward, to make room for the huge new block of chalets, that were along the seafront side of the camp. Then in 1958, I could see the big roof sign of the new Gaiety Theater, plus the brand new Indoor Pool Building with the marvelous South Seas Bar. I couldn't wait for us to get checked in so I could explore the camp. Then throughout each day of the holiday, magic, magic, magic. Terrific things to do all day, ALL TOTALLY FREE !! Three meals a day, with seconds wherever you wanted, then great evening entertainment for kids, early evening, and for adults right up to around 11.00pm, ending with the excitement of 'Penny on the Drum'.

The fact that even now at 77 years of age, I still think about those wonderful wonderful times, with such vivid details says so much, say it all. There never was, before or after, anything like Butlins in its heyday !! Once you checked in everything, except extras purchased in shops, and drinks and things in bars, was free. Something the Butlins of today can't boast, nor would I really expect it, as times have changed so much. However, me, and a few people I am still in touch with, can still dream with the memories of what Billy Butlin created, and consider ourselves 'blessed ' by having experienced it. Me from 1948 onwards. Thank you Sir William, it was indeed Most Pleasant !!

Special moments Butlin's story

That special moment with Gary J

We did a charity walk from Minehead to Pwllheli, it was a week's walk, in the van on the motorways, of course, we went to a lot of towns and cities and stopped at YMCA. We also stopped by my town in Chester, about ten of us so in my town all crowded in my house for the night, went on loads of local radio stations, got to Pwllheli and had an amazing last night before going back to Minehead the next day.

It was an amazing week and in this photo is me holding my certificate for this amazing walk. Two from each department were involved in the long walk to raise money for Childline. 

(Childline has not asked me to put this on here, I have done this as support towards their amazing work and in recognition of Gary Jackson amazing work)

Special moments Butlin's story

That special moment with A, Chidgey

Too many memories to list but one that I always thought about whenever we went there again was the first time. We went there in the late sixties when I was about nine. It was the first time I'd seen my parents looking happy and laughing in a long, long time. We sadly lost my older sister in the Aberfan Disaster in '66 she'd started as a teacher there. Only a week away at Butlins but it did the three of us so much good, realised that even being so young. Think that's why we fell in love with Butlins and they went for many years after. Posted this photo before but this was probably the holiday when we realised it was ok to smile again.💕

Special moments Butlin's story

That special moment with T, Murray

My first visit was in 1994 when it was Somerwest World. My favourite era. Everything seemed bigger and better then. I loved the venues (especially Crazy Horse Saloon), I loved the shows, and the people I met. The Redcoats seemed different back then too. And even though I was only a holidaymaker I'm still friends with lots of Redcoats we met ❤️

Special moments Butlin's story

That special moment with P, Docherty

When younger, when my siblings were in the car too, it was the fun competition we used to have to see who spotted the flags first, then we knew we were almost there. Like you Mark, once inside the gates, it felt like a different world. Love the place, or the memory of it lol. Take my grandkids now, and it isn’t what it was when I was younger, and even when I took my own kids, but my grandkids seem to get the same pleasure I did, just in a different way, abs that’s good enough for me

Another memory for me is from 1978 when I met a girl from Birmingham called Joanne, who will be turning 56 tomorrow, I’ll be messaging her in the morning to wish her a happy birthday

Special moments Butlin's story

That special moment with H, Bennett

I love Butlins Minehead but the best time was the 80s with the outdoor pool, the monorail, cable car and even the indoor pool and the cafe underneath where you could see people in the pool with the windows in the cafe. And what about the Beachcomber and the Redcoats that were there for all people and not just children and the Princes Ballroom. 

Special moments Butlin's story

That special moment with P, Johnson

One moment that stood out for me was watching a wrestling match in Minehead. A grisly old head was taking on a youngster when suddenly all the ropes around the ring broke. The young lad paused, looking totally bemused, but the elder wrestler didn't skip a beat, he delivered a kick to the stomach, gathered up a loose rope, and then started choking his opponent with it! Must be over 30 years ago but it still makes me laugh!

Special moments Butlin's story

That special moment with K, Kenny

The day we drove through the gates to start work in my friend's dad's car. We were full to the brim with blankets pillows clothes, teddy bears and nick-nacks. We both were starting jobs in the restaurant and were so so excited. Little did we know it would become a career and we would both end up on the stage as Show Reds.

I would stand at the side of the stage after my shifts watching the shows and dreaming of one day being in them. Each week I would ask the stage and production manager if there was a space yet. I think in the end they gave me an audition out of pity. And afterwards, she said, oh you can actually sing. 🤣🤣 Did 2 full seasons In the show cast with my good friend P. Waring x x Best of Times x

I can still remember my first show on Broadway. It was called ‘Music Time Machine’ we were dressed as gangsters in full Zoot Suits. I was so nervous about eventually doing what I had dreamed of thinking I nearly fainted. But once I was out on stage with my friends it melted away. The audiences at Butlins were some of the best I have ever sung to still to this day x

Special moments Butlin's story

That special moment with M, Brown

Mines is of Ayr. Seeing the Butlin's flags at the top where the gates were, going through them and down into the camp and a completely different world. We only stayed half an hour away from the camp, but it felt a million miles away.Great times and brilliant memories.So glad we holidayed there.💕

These lovely ladies were my Auntie Anna who entered the fat lady competition and threatened to pull one of the Redcoats dickie bows and my Nana who also loved holidays at AYR. 

Special moments Butlin's story

That special moment with M, Hodges

Walking around the boating lake at Minehead with my old man and spotting the brand new fun pool 👌 and slides , jaw open 🤪

Special moments Butlin's story

That special moment with L, Allison

I had just arrived at the Butlins Blackpool Metropole hotel and as I walked down the corridor a female redcoat breezed by in the opposite direction singing quite loudly as if nobody was there - and a lovely voice she had too! I was mesmerised. "I'm going to like it here," I thought ... and my goodness. I did! I LOVED it there! I had the most magical holiday. I was 12.

Special moments Butlin's story

That special moment with M. Carr

The moment I got out of my taxi and arrived at the main gates, I felt so lucky to have finally arrived. When I was told where my accommodation was, I soon frowned as was exhausted after a long day travelling. Got to my block where I was staying. No cup kettle or welcome pack as I was told I'd be left. I just wanted a shower and coffee and into bed, Nope the girls were getting ready to go out, and I was with them too. Xx
I woke up after a couple of pints of diesel. Good job I wasn't starting work or training the next day, or so I thought. felt I should go and introduce myself...I ended up working straight away. Xx

Special moments Butlin's story

That special moment with M, Slight

My special memory is the moment I walked through the main gates to start my first shift and the first 2 people I spoke to were the friends I made for life they took me under their wing got me drunk got me talking gained my confidence then my Butlins sister J. Louise, S. Wright and W. Mille. They will always be in my heart that's where my love affair with Butlins started

Special moments Butlin's story

That special moment with R. Dean

For me, it was every evening performing the shows in The Broadway Pwllheli. I started out as Ratty Rachel in 96 as one of the kids in the Krazy Krew shows & then at Christmas l went into the show reds & we performed the Christmas shows in all the venues for the winter season. I especially loved Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve. They were such a busy night for the entertainer's team. We started in Little Darlin's venue but as the stage was so small there was no room for us & the dancers, so it was just as singers.

Then on to Sundowners, Stars (where the dancers joined us for the show)& then ending in The Broadway & we brought in Christmas at Midnight & New Year the following week. Christmas Day our first show was always so lovely. I then stayed with the show reds for a further 2 seasons at Pwllheli 97/98. It was the best time & it never felt like a job. Singing with your friends & fabulous band providing the great music & the stage crew. We were one big team & we are all still in touch to the day.....amazing times ❤

Special moments Butlin's story

That special moment with S. Bushell

When I worked at Southcoast World 94/95 I loved seeing people arriving with their cases and a look of excitement on their faces..and I loved the feeling I was part of their holiday. I loved the outdoor splash pool and feeding the ducks at the boating lake....and just sitting watching people have fun

Special moments Butlin's story

That special moment with S. Foreman

 The first time I remember going (my actual first time I was 6 weeks old) and going to Broadway, which I used to call Top Hat and Gloves when what is now the bars etc were little booths for photos and stuff and sitting in the giant brown armchair and having my picture taken with Postman Pat. Going to the rumpus room, a new photo with Humpty Dumpty every trip. I have photos of my kids with him now.

Then the first time taking my daughter and saw her eyes light up. The sheer joy on her face took me right back to my childhood. The first time my son was aware of being there he just turned in circles trying to look at everything. We have photos somewhere of the first Christmas we met Albert Beardsall when he was doing his redcoat training. He became a family friend. Nights outspent in the Enchanted Castle.

Parents go to the Showboat and redcoats go round to the chalets with kids in and listening to the doors. Having a nosebleed in Beachcomber Bay pool where the spa is now. The outdoor pool was always freezing. When there was only one type of food court dining under Broadway and you were allocated a table that you shared with other guests. Met a boy my age (we were about 7) that I stayed friends for years. The red dragon rollercoaster was my favourites ride. Ah, so many things!

Special moments Butlin's story

That special moment with R Chalton

There are so many smiling moments it’s really difficult to choose. As a kid, it was coming along the road to Butlin’s Skegness and getting the first glimpse of the flagpoles in the car park. As a Red at Minehead… I’ll never forget the time my mates came down to see me in 1986. It was my day off, nice weather and I was leaning on a railing waiting for them outside the camp thinking about how happy I was and how lucky I was to be doing the job. That’s a memory that always makes me smile.
And meeting Freddy and the Dreamers and Dave Benson Phillips. My dad's tape was stolen from his car and Freddy went got his own copy and gave it to my Dad

Special moments Butlin's story

That special moment with J. Partridge

I was 17 in 1977 when I got on the coach in Manchester to go to Butlins Skegness ...halfway there I realised I was all alone ...wouldn't know anyone ...and was really nervous but as soon as I got there made friends straight away...I worked in the Empress and loved every minute of it ...had my 18th birthday there and oh my was that some birthday...I met lots of friends and some still keep in touch with me 44years later ....the best time ever, if I could do it all over or go back in time I would x

Special moments Butlin's story

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