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The start of the timeline

To understand the start of the Butlin timeline, we need to include two extremely important people. They are William Butlin (the father of the founder of Butlins) and his mother, Bertha Hill. Below is the timeline for these to give you an idea of how this timeline starts.

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Bertha Cassandra Hill

Bertha is an honoured person to be featured on this website and her importance must be noted in this timeline. More details are shown below in the family tree showing you the strong connection Bertha has with the Butlin's history.

Unknown Year - Edmund Hill - Billys Grandad

Extra Research

Further studying had found an interesting connection between Billy Butlin name and the connection it has to his family history. The founder of Butlin’s full name is William Heygate Edmund Colborne Butlin.

Billy's and Harry's grandfather on his mother’s side is Edmund Hill, showing the strong meaning of Billy’s name and its importance. This also shows that some family history had continued into the Butlin’s company during the time Billy was in charge, explaining the connection of entertainment and funfair.

Unknown Year - Annie Griffin (Billys Grandmother)

Unknown Year - Edmund Hill and Annie Griffin marry

1878 - The Birth of Bertha Cassandra Hill (Billys Mum)

An extremely important person in Butlin's timeline. Bertha is the future mother of Billy and Harry Butlin. She is also a stronger supporter of the stall business Billy has further along the timeline. 

William Colborne Butlin

William is an important person in Billy's timeline as he is the father of both Billy and Harry Butlin.  The information below explains the family tree on his father's side and what meaning it has to Sir William Butlin.

1835 - Birth of Caroline Colborne

Extra Research

As I researched the details, I found another connection to the founder's name, which I remember is William Heygate Edmund Colborne Butlin. As you can see here, Sir Billy Butlin fourth name is in honour of his grandmother, Caroline. The name Colborne is shown on record as far back as 1802, however, no further records are shown before this time (that I could see).

The name Colborne is the surname of Sir Billy Butlin Great grandfather John Colborne. His great-grandmother is Wilhelmina Colborne. They had a daughter, named Caroline (as shown above). The Colborne surname was then carried onto another generation as their sons John Colborne Heygate Butlin (Sir Billy's uncle) and William Colborne Butlin (Billy's father) until Sir Billy Butlin. 

1838 - Birth of William Butlin (Billys grandfather)

Extra Research

As you can see here, Sir Billy Butlin has his first two names in honour of his grandfather. However, research shows that the family tree goes further, showing how the name has been strong throughout the Butlin family tree.


The name William has been used in the Butlin name as far back as 1730. This person's name is William Butlin and would have been Sir Billy Butlin great, great, great grandfather.

An interesting note: Sir Billy's great, great grandad was James Butlin with his brother named after William Butlin. However, in 1814, Sir Billy's great grandad was William Wright Butlin leading to them naming their son (Billy's grandad) William Heygate Butlin.


However, the name Heygate goes in a different direction. Between 1743 and 1800, a lady named Ann Heygate married William Butlin. The surname Heygate goes far back before 1705, showing you the honour Sir Billy had with carrying this name onto a new era. The interesting note with the Heygate surname is that it was not reused (according to the family tree) until Sir Billy Butlin grandfather was named in honour. Sir Billy's grandfather and Caroline Butlin had four children.

Two of these continued the Heygate surname, Charles Heygate Butlin and John Colborne Heygate Butlin.

Unknown Year - William Butlin and Caroline Colborne are married

1871 - Birth of Charles Heygate Butlin (Billys Uncle)

1874 - Birth of John Colborne Heygate Butlin (Billys Uncle)

1876 - Birth of William Colborne Butlin (Billy's father)

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