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1931- Shirley Butlin is born

1932 - The recreation Shelter in Butlin's Bognor Regis

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Early 1930s - Billy and Dolly Butlin separate

The early 1930s - Norah and Billy form a relationship

1933 - Butlin's Bognor Regis Zoo

In loving memory of the Butlin's Elephants

The elephants had not passed away during this year, however, I added in-loving memory due to the zoo subject above. 

1934 - Bertha Butlin passes away

1934 - The birth of Robert Reeves (known as Robert Butlin)

1935 - Norman Bradford and Billy chat about a new idea

1935 - Bunny Brooks joins the team to build Butlin's Skegness

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1935 - The Birth of Butlin Limited

11th April 1936 - Butlin's Skegness opens

Butlin's Skegness

The birth of the Butlin's Holiday camps and the very first time the gates opened featuring the Butlin's name. An important and historic moment.

Historic Moments

The birth of the Redcoats, where Norman Bradford would help create a legacy that continues today.

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Video showing Butlin's Skegness

It's a great day in the history of the Butlin timeline as the first-ever Butlin's holiday camp opens its gates for campers to come and have fun. It was a big move for William (Billy) and everything had to be perfect. The story of Butlin's had started at this very moment and a legend was born. View the video below to show you Butlin's Skegness in the 1930s, giving you an insight into how it was feeling to be there at that moment of joy.

1936 - Late Night Entertainment issues

1936 - Norman Bradford - creating the Butlins magic

1936 - A new direction for the entertainment

1936 - Billy's entertainers needed a uniform

1936 - Billie Ditchfield design

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Sir Billy Butlin - This is your life featuring Norman Bradford

In this video, you can see Norman Bradford chatting about his experience in Butlins.

1936 - Bunny Brooks - one of the first Redcoats

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1936 - The Butlins connection with the Batemans company

1936 - Further Research on the Batemans company and Butlins

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1937 - Butlin's Ltd

1937 - Dovercourt Bay Holiday Camp

1937 - Butlins Clacton is being planned

1937 - Butlins Clacton is being planned

1938 - Butlin's Clacton opens

Butlin's Clacton

The second location for a Butlin's Holiday camp as Billy Butlin's camps expand.

Historic Moments

Honoured members, Major Frank Bond and Babs have shared a photo above showing how they help promote the second location of Butlin's.

1939 - Butlins Hotel division is born with Butlin's Borehamwood

1939 - Butlins Borehamwood Hotel further research

Butlin's Borehamwood

The first Butlin's Hotel with the shortest time representing the Butlin's name 

1939 - Cherrie Butlin is born

1939 - Butlin's Filey opens

Butlin's Filey

The third camp opens its gates as Butlin's as new memories are created.

Historic Moments

Butlin's Filey had a dedicated train station, which was used a great deal until the use of cars started to get popular.

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Billy Butlin was working hard to get his third camp opened in Filey, the biggest project of them all. However, World War Two had started, making this very hard to complete. Allowing his camps to be used to train army personnel, the ministry had agreed to finance the camp's competition. A close friend of Billy Butlin, Harry Warner (one part-owner of the Warner camps) was asked to help with the supervision of the build as Billy worked on a project. Filey did not start as a Butlins, further information is below.

Butlin closes to support the war

Butlin's Skegness is renamed to HMS Royal Arthur

Butlins Filey is renamed to RAF Hunmanby Moor

Butlin's Clacton is used to train Pioneer Corps

A new location is built under the supervision of Billy Butlin - Pwllheli opens for the first time as HMS Glendower

A new location is built under the supervision of Billy Butlin - AYR opens for the first time as HMS Scotia

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