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Jeanettes Untold Butlins Story

Jeanette's Untold Butlin's Story

It is the year 1966 when Butlin's started to make an imprint on Jeanette's life. Featured in this photo is Jeanette in the arms of her father in the popular camp in Pwllheli, one of two camps to be in Wales, UK. That smile and feeling from the ride show you the true Sir Billy Butlin spirit and how Butlin's had created another memory!

The ride is called the Jungle book and looks like something I would love to have given a try :)

Jeanettes Butlins Untold Story
Pwllheli 1969

I and brother think one of my first rides by myself holding on for dear life.

Jeanettes Butlins Untold Story
Pwllheli 1975

Dressed as Rupert the bear, I didn't win. The winner was a chest of drawers. Someone had a tee shirt with a load of knickers pinned to the top of it over her chest. Simple but effective.

Jeanettes Butlins Untold Story
Long hot summer in Butlin's Pwllheli 1976

My dad acting the goat. He and my sister Elaine were locked out of the chalet. Yellow camp C7. They were waiting for a new key to be organised.

Jeanettes Butlins Untold Story
Windsor Dinning Hall, Pwllheli

"I am in the corner. My two sisters are in the photo also. I have got no idea who the other couple are.

Jeanettes Butlins Untold Story
Pwllheli 1977

Showing my photos in the place that I loved so very much. Here is my sister Elaine enjoying a break in Butlins Pwllheli. This was also the last time she came to Butlins with us

Jeanettes Butlins Untold Story
Keeping to family tradition

This photo was taken in the year 1977. I loved the hobby horses at Butlins. Every time we went to Pwllheli, we had to go on this ride.

Jeanettes Butlins Untold Story
1977 at Butlin's Pwllheli

I would always have a photo with the Butlin's Redcoats. My dad is at the back looking out of the coach window

Jeanettes Butlins Untold Story
Barry Island Butlin's - 1978

With mum and dad. The people who introduced the family to the Billy Butlin experience in June 1966. So glad they did so many happy memories.

Jeanettes Butlins Untold Story
Barry Island 1978

The memories and the fun kept on coming as new memories were created.

Jeanettes Butlins Untold Story
History is frozen in time

As my memories continued to grow, I was very lucky to take a photo of an important area. This is of course (besides me) the umbrella, another iconic design from Sir Billy Butlins

Jeanettes Butlins Untold Story
Pwllheli is close to my family

My beloved mum and dad near the gaiety arcade at Pwllheli. Their love for the family took us to Butlins year in and year out. They knew it was important to make happy memories and no better place than Butlins.
They were special in every way possible

Jeanettes Butlins Untold Story
Pwllheli group photo in front of the Margaret Rose

I am at the back in the Redcoat's arms in this very special photo. I have very fond memories of aunty Anne. My aunty, Anne looked after me year after year. I broke her sunglasses which were in her pocket when she lifted me so I would love to buy her a new pair. My sister and brother are to the right of me in the corner. 

Jeanettes Butlins Untold Story
Minehead 1990 - an important photo

This one holds special memories. The very last Butlins holiday my dad went on before he passed away. He loved the Malones club where this photo was taken. The duo in there every night played Crazy Horse Saloon by patsy cline. Every time I hear that now it takes me right back. That is what Butlins does for you.

Jeanettes Butlins Untold Story
The famous Butlins fountains

Think everyone had their photo taken at these. There were two at Pwllheli. Either side of the outdoor pool. First thing you saw when you came through the main entrance. Also seen on the main road to Pwllheli town center. Here I am with my sister Elaine who looked after me and still does today.

Jeanettes Butlins Untold Story

Jeanettes Butlins Untold Story
Butlin's Brighton Hotel

Myself and mum and dad at Butlins Saltdean Hotel Brighton. have a well-deserved drink.

Jeanettes Butlins Untold Story

Special Memories of this photo

This place is special too, it is the other side of the chairlift ride at Pwllheli. I used to love the excitement of the chairlift and the longest one at Butlins.

It was a sunny day, the scenery was breathtaking. Once over the other side, it was rocky as you can tell. But somehow I made it with the help of dad. Mum pushed my chair. My sister Elaine was always there to guide me.

We found an alcove where you could sit and paddle. Picnics galore up there. So beautiful and quaint as we went every year. Sometimes having to come back on the puffing Billy train if the chairlift packed up which often happened.

It was so long that the ride went on forever. The views were magical though. Sometimes think they stopped it on purpose. When you were halfway through the ride.

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